Vancouver Olympics Short Track Speed Skating

On Monday February 15, 2010, the 2nd distance for the men to be held at the Vancouver Olympics, it is 500 metres.This will be held in two series. In this article the main favorite.

General information

After five kilometers from Saturday, will on Monday that the 500 meters for the men in the program is in the Olympic Games in 2010. The match will start at 15:30 local time, 00:30 hours Dutch time. The contest is, like any other long track competitions are held at the Richmond Olympic Oval, about 15 kilometres from Vancouver. The meter is 500, in conjunction with the advantage of starting in the inner bend, which was held in the second series. End at this distance will thus end up deep in the night.
Four years ago, joey cheek Olympic champion at the distance in Turin. However, the U.S. is stopped, including No. 2 Dmitry Dorofeyev no longer exists. However, the South Korean Lee Kang-seok of the party to be the winner of a bronze medal time. World record holder Jeremy Wotherspoon at the end of 2007 in Calgary clocked a time of 34.03. The Olypisch record is still by the Olympics in Salt Lake City in 2002 and is owned by Casey FitzRandolph in 34.42.


Jeremy Wotherspoon
Unlike the earlier ridden distances are in the 500 meters for men no real top favorite. More drivers will have a serious chance to get in on the top step of the podium. One of them is an experienced Canadian Jeremy Wotherspoon. As mentioned earlier, he is the world record holder, as he drove in the season 2007-2008 in one of his first race since he was a year not engaged in international skating.
Wotherspoon was a Sabbath year 2006 because his performance “disappointing.” In the years before he went in for eight years in a row, no less than seven times to get to the WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS in the 500 meters, in 2001 he had to settle for silver. Wotherspoon also won three gold medals at the WORLD CUP Distance and four times World Sprint CHAMPIONSHIPS. But the shape of Wotherspoon their doubts, he began this season not very tumultuous.
Kang-seok Lee
The South Korean Lee Kang-seok is one of the other favorites. The Korean held for Wotherspoon set a world record in a time of 34.25. His firm’s current personal best is five hundred even sharper. Lee won gold in the 500 meters at the World Cup Distance from last season and verroverde silver at the World Sprint CHAMPIONSHIPS this season, behind another Korean Lee; Kyou-Hyuk.
Lee was also active at the games in Turin, where he was third in the 500 meters.
Kyou-Hyuk Lee
In addition, a South Korean, a Lee, but no, no family. What Kyou-Hyuk has more in common with his name and his compatriot sprinter abilities. The older of the two is more than 15 years after the party in the international Speedskating and since 2007 he achieved great success in this also. For example, the now 32-year-old Korean won three of the last four WORLD CUP sprint and won the past two years, silver at the World Championships in the 500 meters. At the last WORLD CUP Sprint, he was superb and he left no doubt that he’s the best sprinter in the 500 and 1000 metres. Now is the turn to prove he can score on a single remote control. The Korean is already his 5th Olympic Games, but never won a medal.
Keiichiro Nagashima
The following is an Asian favorite, this time a Jappanner; Keiichiro Nagashima. The 28-year-old skater riding for several years with the big tournaments. His greatest successes he recorded at totally different times. He won the silver medal in the 2007 World Cup final standings in 500 meters, and he picked up in the last WORLD CUP sprint respective silver and bronze. His greatest opportunities lie in the 500 meters, which four years ago in Turin, Italy 13. The Jappanner has a PR 34.38, held this season. Although he is not a big favorite immediately, you can go in the form of Nagashima for the highest places.

The Outsiders

Mika Poutala
Always up for a kunstjeen one of the lovers of the public skating; Mika Poutala. The Finn is famous for its joke before take-off, but will be taken very seriously by his race. Thus, the fin red this season at Salt Lake City in a personal best of 34.31 and was last season at both the World Championships and the World in 500 metres Distance 4. A few weeks ago, he also won a World Cup over distance, so your favorites are warned.
Tucker Fredricks
If the American team in hopes of getting a gold medal to extend at this distance, will hope to be based above all on the 26-year-old sprinter Tucker Fredricks. Big wins the American in his career yet to be reached, but a 3rd place in the 500 m at the 2007 WORLD CUP distance shines it on their list. Last year, he became the 5th.
Ronald Mulder
He’s not going to be equal among the Favorites, maybe even the predicate outsider already something too chauvinistic, but Ronald Mulder must certainly not be underestimated. He came in the year that a Jack in a box; After a silver medal in the 500 metres distance, SM in he WORLD CUP qualifying. Last year also had many skridskoentusiaster know little about the real talent lurking half-twins, he is this show at start as one of the most likely full Dutch sprinters.
In the world championship cycle, he left to join and to everyone’s surprise at seeing the best in the world, he won bronze during one of the races this season. Angelica was not that he showed at the World Sprint Championships in Obihiro again when he missed the podium and finished fourth in the final standings. Since December 9, Mulder has the Dutch record with 34.52. His participation in the Olympic Games has long been discussed, because they help to strengthen the Dutch Federation first team pursuit at last. However, this was not possible, so Mulder now has a chance to prove themselves at this distance.

Other outsdiders

As usual at shorter distances, there are still plenty of other riders who make a serious chance to get on the podium. So do not forget the Japanese call Cotton Oikawa and Pekka Koskela. On the Dutch side, the most-anticipated race sprinter Jan Smeekens, but if this has a real chance of medals is doubtful.Nor is this to be expected by schaaters Jan Bos, Simon Kuipers,, both arrows be more focused on the longer distances where they will come out on.