Underwater Black Dry – Do You Know?

Description The Black Dry Underwater is the new model of dry compressed neoprene suit and has the best features at a very competitive price. Becomes the perfect opportunity to evolve in the diving and keep swimming in the winter or cooler waters. Features Neoprene: This suit is designed with 4 mm neoprene, foam compressed and laminated with nylon fabric on both sides. This type of neoprene is very dense and resists compression to great depths, saving so much of its surface buoyancy, and requiring a lower air consumption to maintain neutral buoyancy. In addition, it is a suit that offers greater thermal efficiency to great depths. Comparing with the tri-laminate diving suit, the black neoprene dry suit offers thermal protection and inherent buoyancy has, in addition to requiring less interior bottom of fact. Close: The Black Dry has an air-tight lid, horizontal, situated in the shoulders, which allows a wear more comfortable. Seals: the seals of the neck as the wrists are made ultra flexible neoprene for easy wear and improve the water resistance of the fact. Hood: The hood comes with the suit and have tight seal for face and neck Purse: This underwater model comes with a carry case. Its design allows, to open it, the diver use it as a base to equip himself, keeping his feet without being in direct contact with the ground. Inside the bag, zipper lubricant can be found. Valves: The underwater dry suit is equipped with a valve system of low profile Si-Tech, the most reliable and proven worldwide. Filling valve:  360 Rotary System to optimize the placement of dry suit hose. Quick disconnect universal male, intermediate pressure. Variable Flow by manual pressure. Low profile back plate reduces bulk and increases comfort. Located in the center of the chest. Drain valve:  deflation pressure fully adjustable with manual locking. High Flow: low profile with smooth contours, not to hinder the dress or undress of the BCD-the low profile back plate reduces bulk and increases comfort. In the left you can learn more about our diving suits.