Ubercosmetics Uberlash

In this post I spoke about the treatment of eyebrow Über Cosmetics. Today I explain that I’m also at the same time testing the serum for tabs of the same firm.

In short, I redactaré a new entry to give you my opinion about both treatments since I’ve been using them for weeks, and already the results are.

Uberlash is a serum which increases the length of eyelashes, its thickness and its thickness. Its formula is made up of a cooling mixture of vitamins and nutrient infusion of peptides, amino acids and herbs.

It promises to help eyelashes at kentontrade:

-Increase the thickness and diameter

-Improve appearance

-Moisturize and condition to avoid that they are weakening and cracking

-Strengthen and protect them from environmental and external aggressions

-Increase the volume and length

I explain a bit what is this serum and what it is.

Hydration and elasticity increase due to the sodium hyaluronate and Aloe Vera.

Nutrition and vitality due to panthenol and the chestnut that help populate and rejuvenate lashes by its essential proteins and vitamins, give strength, shine and improves the overall appearance.

Appearance retonificado by polypeptides, contains amino acids and fatty acids with innovative properties.

Apply every night on the top line of tabs, a small amount of product as if we we were doing a delineated. Once applied to the lash line, pass the serum from the root to the ends of the lashes, always with the eye closed.