Tunikakleid in Light Blue-My Summer Color

So not that I would not like the summer outfit brand marsh and frog-no… It has quite advantages: For example, I can wear a leather pants in June and if you just like I black sneakers, you can also wear and Even without socks…

If it is not the positive aspects of the Shit weather, I do not know… Furthermore, it is just warmer with us than in parts of Australia-for example in Canberra. The fact that there is winter is only conditionally what the matter-I think… because in Brisbane you could wear a tunic dress in winter, if you do not freeze so quickly…

My Summer Is Light Blue

And as great as I find green or even colors-my summer color is light blue… For at least two years this color is a very solid part of my clothes. I just find for light, fluttering blouses, there is no more beautiful color… I remember light blue of water, sea, beach, sky. On a hot summer day, which you spend under the umbrella on the beach, an ice-cold drink in your hand-preferably in light blue. In Madrid, there is blue tonic water, which fits perfectly to Gin.However, in Germany I searched very vainly, similarly vainly, as after the summer. And last but not least, Babyblue reminds me of a lukewarm breeze and, of course, I do not tolerate such a small contradiction in such “serious matters” as summer attitudes. To this extent it is only logical that if we had summer and not Australian winter, I would go for a light blue tunic dress.

My Tunic Dress Is Also Light Blue

Surely you remember my gaaaanz light-blue striped blouse with trumpet sleeves, which I had bought in Frankfurt… She was not the only part that had willingly walked with me to the box office… No, because this tunic dress in, jaaaaa exactly, in Hellblau was also there… and still a third piece, which also very strongly in the direction of light blue tends… a striped blouse namely, which I had previously discovered on a stylish Instagram lady and absolutely wanted to try.I also do not know what that is, but in phases, I run into almost the same clothes in every shop. Even with online shopping, the Klickfinger magically is attracted by light blue. The result is that I now have twelve-and-twelve relatively uniform tops at home… I have already tried to resist obsessive-compulsive and devoted myself to other colors or styles. But this had no purpose. If I want to avoid this phenomenon, only shopping abstinence benefits. If I did not handle it, I would already have more than twelve-light blue, blue and white striped blouses at Home. So far, the June was really a frugal month… apart from the sneaker’s new entry, but it is black anyway… O:-)

But since I’m on the lookout for a new Dirndl and go on holiday with my girlfriends at the end of the month, it’s better if I just put my sour-earned toads together… Hihi… I wish you a very wonderful Sunday-maybe we just stay in the warm bed-it does not matter if the German summer like the Australian winter comes out. All the best, Conny