Tricycles for Carriers with Space for Dogs

Objective is to assist in garbage collection; vehicles can cycle on bike paths.idea is that company sponsor and use space with advertising.

The City of São Paulo negotiates with a company that manufactures tricycles to create a special vehicle for truck drivers. The goal is for them to be able to use the tricycle from transporthint to collect junk and help in garbage collection in the city by taking advantage of a space they already use, the bike paths.

The prototype of the tricycle was developed by Dream Bike, a company that already carries out a similar project in Pernambuco. The São Paulo version is 4 m long and 74 cm wide. There are also two boxes, one large, for the trash, and another smaller, designed for the cartwright to put personal items or the dog that accompanies them.

The tricycle was known this Monday (9) by the deputy secretary of Human Rights, Rogério Sottili. The mayor of São Paulo, Fernando Haddad (PT), who had confirmed his presence at the presentation, ended up canceling the agenda.

According to André Ribeiro, executive director of Dream Bike, the bicycle has several advantages. “It allows the cartwright to gain time and gives a more human condition,” he said. In addition, it does not pollute the environment such as pickup trucks, advocates the entrepreneur.

The estimated price of the tricycle is R $ 3,500. The idea of ​​Dream Bike is to sell the idea for a big company to sponsor the initiative and explore the space with advertising, as they already happen with the leisure cycles.