Trendy Jewelry from Berlin

Today it is time to finally introduce trendy jewelry from our homeland.And to which city do you think about the latest trends from Germany?So with me Berlin is always in the first place.And so our today’s jewelery of the day also comes from our capital.Are you willing to let this happen?Believe me, it’s worth it.

Square Pearl Ring by Sabrina Dehoff

Sabrina Dehoff knows how to design jewelry.In addition to craftsmanship, she also puts a lot of creativity, freshness and a brilliant color understanding into her masterpieces.And yes, masterpiece is really not too high.So also this narrow ring.A center is a bright blue stone that you can not escape.The view falls inevitably on him and one recognizes immediately that one is juxtaposed here a small peculiarity.The design is so sophisticated, then becomes visible at a second glance.For everything gives a harmony and is in itself conclusive.The ring is not a typical representative of its form.No, it is square, but with carefully rounded corners.This sits well on the finger.So good that you do not want to lose it.

This angular form is also found in the stone.It is narrow, but covers the entire front side.If one has the ring on the finger, the golden version hardly falls.The blue of the stone can work for itself.And he does!For this stone is a blue mother-of-pearl stone, which is held by a narrow frame.This is made of brass, which has been gilded to 23 carats.Overall, this ring shows the great harmony between gold and a bright blue.

This is how you combine the Square Pearl Ring

This ring would like to be worn alone.If you would like to combine other rings, then you have to rely on narrow gold rings.These should not add more precious stones, because the square pearl ring should be the main focus.I would also wear no more bracelets and let only the ring work.For earrings and necklace can be set to further, blue accents, but please again in connection with gold.Oh yes, do not want to wear a ring, then converts in shorthand to the chain trailer.For this you wear only a long and narrow gold chain and simply thread the ring as a pendant.The idea is not new, but simply always nice.And you also have your trendy ring from Berlin with you, if you have to make your hands dirty.