Trend Our Site-Chic of Fringe Earrings

Have you seen the our site trend (short for “bohemian”, too unconventional) in the parks, at festivals and in the streets? Everywhere they meet you as soon as the sun comes out, all the maxi-skirts, batik tops and Roman sandals – they have just made a pretty comeback. The wild, cheerful look is clearly inspired by the 70s and their hippies, but today it is much more individual than it was then. For now everyone can make their own version of the Bohemian look “tinker”.

I particularly like the somewhat reduced game called “our site deluxe”: The style is a little less than the original, but as I think, much more elegant and also more every day. And: It is independent of age. Because very short jeans hot pants, belly-free fringed petticoats and short vests are simply no longer appropriate with more than 30. Or how do you see that?

“Our Site Deluxe” Is the Motto of the Trendy Street Styles

Our site deluxe is distinguished by its stylish security. The emphasis is on high quality (silk blouses!) And when patterns are used, only selected ones like a special tunic in the ethno-look (Inspiration Africa!). The summer fashion trend is colorful in the bright area: cream and pastel tones (candy colors!) Look great, especially for slightly tanned skin. A decent summer hat (wide brim!) Rounds off the look.

In terms of shoes, flat sandals are the right thing, but they do not have to be simple flip-flops. How about some eye-catching, pearl-embroidered sandals? Or equal ballerinas in snake skin optics? Even the casual our site look gets something more adult. Also light summer boats fit perfectly to the look. Not wrong, right?

A selected piece of jewelry makes the outfit complete: long, filigree earrings are perfect. Here at you can get more different models and styles. They underline the smooth flowing of the glamorous our site style and look particularly nice to open hair.