Trend- Colorful Patterned Fabric

The winter is over and most of you forward certainly to the upcoming spring/summer season. Finally is the fashion again in the foreground and not only keep warm the body, no matter at what price. Perfect to start the season, the question naturally arises: what is the trend in 2016 and what should you wear to go with the trend?

Patterned, lightweight shirts that you can combine with what tops her definitely 2016 makes are wrong nothing. Paisly -, flowers – or tropical patterns: 2016 patterns are at the top.

Bright colors and eye-catching patterns – that 2016 is the trend. In spring, you can combine the article something simple, with pastel colors. It will then finally really hot and you will finally Brown, you can trust you quietly wear patterned colored blouses with other bright colors.

Trend 2016 – Durability Through the Upcoming Spring/Summer Season

Today we imagine different tops and combination possibilities in the trend Factory blog!

Maison Scotch a true jewel presents you with this great T-Shirt . It includes the trend colours Rose Quartz and yellow and can be combined versatile fresh color mix. You best wear the colored T-Shirt to a less conspicuous Chino or pastel colors.

Also guess has in the upcoming spring/summer season just right for you! Because not only Leopard print are going to totally, but as mentioned earlier, you will inundated 2016 flower patterns. With numerous flower patterns ye bring freshness due after winter back in your wardrobe and your outfits. Shirt by guess is particularly refined, as it has a Kontrastprint, i.e. characterized by the modern mix of patterns and can be thus super combined.

Outside, it’s still too cold for the beloved patterned blouses, which is without a vest register, but you want to do without still flower pattern? Then, this sweater by Superdry is perfect for you. He is super suitable not only for the colder days, but also if too much floral motifs are you too much of a good and you want it somewhat simple.

2016 – Promised Trend of Patterning in the Trend Factory Online Shop

You’re on the series. Brings you more freshness in your wardrobe and your outfits with trendy patterned and floral tops! You will find these and the appropriate combination options with us in the trend Factory online shop! Using our vast selection you can face together easily your favorite outfit.

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