Day Of The Father And Toys

March 19 it is the day chosen to celebrate Father’s day, a happy day for the families and that has held and exercised daily. In the blog Dale time to the game have made an interesting survey on the parents, the family and the game. The results are more surprising and announce a change very positive and interesting. One of the most outstanding claims of the study is that parents ask for more time to play with their children as a first gift to celebrate father’s day. In addition, and as a result of the displacement of the street as a main area of games at home or school, parents have become major playmates for their children. Thus, it is increasingly common to see fathers and mothers enjoying hours of play in the parks and develop solutions so interesting as the songaah project, a toy project that encourage parents and children to share and donate their toys in the parks.

Parents and games in figures

In the survey, which was attended by more than 700 parents, more than 80% of them declare that they wished to spend more time with their children. Of that group of parents surveyed, a 54.6% declares that, despite the work and to the lack of free time, considered quite playing with her children, especially on weekends. Between games parents prefer to play games of constructions and creativity games stand out. A few games that allow parents and children to participate in the construction and design of objects, something that unites them in a goal and a common achievement. Imagination and share ideas and techniques make the game fun, learning and Exchange. This image of fathers and sons playing is also one of the novelties that the Dale time game blog called attention. Thus, in previous decades children shared more game time with other children with their parents, today, are the mothers and fathers who are the protagonists of that time. Also the living room is becoming the play place preferred by parents and children, a 43.8, against 40% who prefer to play in the parks.

The debate: electronic toys

Children spend more and more time playing electronic toys, some practical toys and that they represent a stimulus for learning, but also push the child to social isolation or engage only in a virtual way with other children. The debate around the appropriateness of their use. According to the aforementioned study, parents considered necessary for being easy-to-use electronic toys and an effective tool for learning and fun. Use in family and working time control are two of media that can avoid the isolation and promote smart use.

Either way, family game has emerged as one of the most effective formulas to have quality time and strengthen family ties. A form of relaxing the tensions of daily life, eliminate the routine and relative problems.

And you, do you think in this respect?

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