Children’s Day: Check Out the Best Games for Road Trips

Take advantage of the children’s day to hit the road is an option beyond interesting, since it is a type of program that unites parents and children. However, to be that special moment that pleases the whole family, you need to take to plan for it all works out. Spend hours and hours in traffic, for example, could end up with the good humor of anyone and cause discussions. It is therefore indicated to make the journey a fun time too! Want to know how the path can be a synonym for joy?Check out our list of the 13 best jokes for car trips for all ages:

Prohibited Words

Choose 2 or 3 words that cannot be spoken by any of the participants. Go gradually increasing complexity: imagine having to go without saying “Yes” or “no”, terms that we always use? For one without issue, you can also change the rule, leaving one at a time to receive a ban. The others are responsible for asking questions to him. The game ends when 10 questions are made or when he pronounce one of the wrong words. Then the turn passes to the next. Win if you get answer more soundly.

Letter Commands

Draw a letter and then a category. Letter T and meals, for example. One at a time, each participant speaks a word related to these 2 categories. Who doesn’t recall any loses the round. Last man standing WINS, and he can choose the next letter and category.

What Is The Song? (I)

Say a Word. The other participants need to sing a song whose lyrics have that Word. If you have teenage children, is cool too mix and speak words in English and Portuguese.

What Is The Song? II

Another way to play with music is using the tune. The chosen sings — but only with sounds (palmas, whispers, crackling etc.) — a song, and the others have to guess what song! Not worth sing any word!

Color Of Cars

Each chooses a color (or a model, if your children are connected). From then on, you time the next few minutes and count how many cars of every choice passed through you.

I Went To The Moon And Took…

First choose a theme that will guide the game of guessing, without telling anyone. Things that are sold on the market, hair accessories, fruit of certain color … no limits! From there, he says, “I went to the Moon and took …” and fill it with a word that fits the theme he chose. The hair accessories, for example, he can say “I went to the Moon and took a tiara”. The next player also chooses which will take us to the moon. If he talks clip, for example, can go to the moon. If talking earring, the announcer did not let him travel. Sometimes happen many rounds until someone guess which is the rule that is behind the joke.

Guess What Is

This game is nice for those who have young children. Have your child close their eyes and take in her hands a object. Only with the tact, she must guess what is to become more difficult, you can ask her to guess only with the feet instead of the hands.

Once Upon A Time…

Start creating a story, but only up to a certain point. The next must continue from where you left off.Besides stimulating creativity, well usually come out funny narratives of this game! You can start, for example, with “once upon a time a frog…”, and the next complete with “who wanted to be a Princess”. And so on…

Creative Card

Choose the sign of a car that is close to you. Each one has to invent a phrase with the 3 letters that compose it. They also appear funny things of that sort.

Math Card

According to, this toy game also involves plates, but the challenge is a bit more complex: you pick a card and sum their numbers. The others have to find another Board whose sum is the same. Who solve the problem first is the winner.

I’m Going Away And I’m Taking In The Trunk…

Who starts the game must name an object that will take in the case, starting with the phrase “I’m going away and I’m taking in the trunk …”. A CAP, for example. The next adds another object, but without deleting the first: “I’m going away and I’m taking in the trunk a CAP and a shoe”. Each, in your time, you must increase the sentence until the time comes that I don’t remember most of the order.

Guess The Character

Anyone who wants to start choose a famous character, but without telling anyone. The remaining questions about its features to try and guess who is the person that the chosen one is thinking. In this case, just answer Yes or no. Worth questions about appearance (he’s blond, he’s tall, he’s thin? etc.) or on the activities that the character does (he sings, he acts, he plays football? etc.). Who hit wins a point.

Truth Or Lie?

One person tells a story or an explanation. Might be something like “philosophy is a Latin word meaning phylum: wire and sofia: Science”. The others have to guess if what I was told is true or false.This joke to trip is cool because it applies to all ages, just filter the content type. If your child is much younger, for example, you can say “yesterday, at lunch at school, had orange juice”. Anything goes!

Suggestions Of Children

You can also let the little suggest activities for everyone to be distracted. Can be anything you have learned at school or with themes like. The important thing is that they are part of that moment.

Do you know other good jokes for car trips that help control the anxiety of waiting and enjoy the way? Leave your tips in our comments!

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