Toshiba Announces ‘ Excite 13 ‘, World’s Largest Tablet

Appliance weighs about 1 kilo and has 13.3 inch screen. Sales start in June in the United States

The tablet family will win a new member in the second semester of this year. That’s because Toshiba’s Japanese announced Excite 13, the largest tablet produced in industrial quantities in the world.

According to the TG Daily, the Excite 13 weighs about 1 kilo-53% more than an iPad of the Wi-Fi model, which has 652 grams-and has a 13.3 inch screen. At the level of comparison, the hitherto largest device on the planet in this market was the Samsung Galaxy Tab, 10.1 inches. Due to the size and weight, the Toshiba tablet certainly is not as comfortable as the smaller versions and, depending on what the user does, can become tiring to hold the appliance.

On the other hand, videos, photos, maps, and Web sites will gain more space for viewing. Toshiba also promises a better sound than that of other tablets thanks to a set of four built-in speakers. Another feature is that excite 13 will have greater autonomy than that of competing tablets, and can work 13 hours without recharging the battery. Maybe it came up with the idea of calling it “13”.

Excite 13 is part of a series that also includes smaller models, of 7.7 and 10 inches – the most common sizes. These Toshiba tablets have several features in common, such as aluminum body and fabric made with the sturdy glass Gorilla (learn more about this technology). The three feature two cameras, being the main one of 5 megapixels, rotate the Android 4.0 system, known as Ice Cream Sandwich and offer only Internet access via Wi-Fi. All will have a Tegra 3, Nvidia, 4-core processor.

The tablet must arrive at the shops in the United States in June. The basic model, with 32 GB of capacity, will cost US $ $650 (about R $1,176 in the current quote), and a more complete version of 64 GB, comes out for us $749 (R $1,355).