Top 4: Bikinis to Tear Up This Summer

The summer is at its peak, bringing warm sunny days to make the joy of women who love the beach, swimming pool and, of course, bikinis!

The Avenue gives you that little help in choosing the perfect model to cool down in style.Who said that bikini does not need to be fashionable? The hottest season features new trends every season, allowing bold pieces and intense colors.

Get ready to become a true mermaid with our Top 4 bikinis from the season!

1- Cropped

This top model is supertendency. Different and stylish, it is ideal for the milder days, in which you will be under the umbrella without sunbathing. The high-neck modeling enhances the shoulders and brings more comfort and freedom.

2- Raises Butt

It’s the one with the knickers in the back, which values ​​the bottom, giving the impression that he is steeper. The model enhances the shape of the body and leaves you even more beautiful. To match, the top also has frufrus. A charm! Find on Avenida, in different colors and prints.

3 – With Bulge

Bully tops never go out of style, after all, they have the power to give a raise in the smaller breasts and to value the bigger ones. Combined with very thin strap-on panties, provide that tan with the perfect marquinha! Bet on floral prints and vibrant colors. Guaranteed success!

4- Swimsuit

Yes! The swimsuits came back with everything, losing the status of dull parts or “grandma.”The model looks good on women of all ages, styles and personalities. Joyful prints and irreverent modeling help create a summer fashion look. And nothing like a swimsuit to give that air of elegance. It is not?

After these tips, for sure, you will not spend the summer in white! We’ll wait for you on Avenida to guarantee the bikinis must have of the season.