Top 10 Online Shopping Clothes

If you live out in the boonies, or just don’t have the time to take a weekend to London or Paris, so is Internet shopping is always a good way out. It can not compare with shopping for “live” given the difficulty with sizes and that the garments do not always do themselves justice on the image. But it is clearly a tool for those who don’t get the time to make ends meet. Then it’s also immensely time to find all the garments in the various on line stores, so we combed through the best stores and sucked out the best from the various assortments.

Jeans, Marc by Marc Jacobs, ca 1250 crowns (eluxury)
Given that this is a pair of jeans of selvage-denim and that prices are the same (if not less) class as a couple from an average Swedish jeans label (without the-selvage denim), feels like a really affordable jeans. I like besides the price also the simplicity and, above all, the fit, that is pretty right on.

Money clip, Martin Margiela, approx. 480 SEK(Brownsfashion)
Funny and somewhat odd sedeklämma and a perfect antidote to the krogbratsens shiny companies from Gucci. This here a clip for people with little money.
Scarf, Dries van Noten, approximately SEK 970(Brownsfashion)
This scarf in 100% silk is thin and pretty skinny and a perfect substitute to scarf this spring.

Stockings, Comme des garcons, about 350 SEK(Brownsfashion)
Also an odd accessory for those who want to pick up the color in the handkerchief or tie. Learning, however, does not look as odd out well on foot.

Boots, Acne, 3200 kroons (Acnes webshop)
On the Acnes relatively new online shop you can buy big parts of the Collections. These boots are worn either as a Milanomodell had carried them-with some pant legs or just with a pair of jeans or pants.

Wallet, Comme des garcons, about SEK 570(Doverstreetmarket)
Simple wallet in fine leather, with a zipper at the top.

Messenger Bag, Louis Vuitton, about 13 800 SEK(Eluxury)
For most, this is an extremely high price. But given how much you will use, how nice it is and-above all-how much nicer it will be over the years, so perhaps it may reconsider a bit.
I read an interview with a blogging girl in Veckorevyn (don’t ask), which used its own system-PPA (per use)-which simply figured out how much it would cost to use the apparel/accessory in question each time. And so it was any number (50 per once?, 100?) who absolutely were not allowed to be exceeded if it would be classified as a good investment. It’s just that count.

Collarless shirt, Dior Homme, about SEK 2640(Luisaviaroma)
Collarless shirts you see in many collections in the spring. This model is quite sleek and at the edges, both on the collar and cuffs, a thin silver line. Futurism was the word.

Pants, Henrik Vibskov, ca 2380 crowns(Aloharag)
They look beautiful in all cases, these cotton pants from Henrik Vibskov. Moreover, they are rewarded with gorgeous details that you don’t see in the photo, but take a closer look at the home page.I am thinking in particular of the pleats on the front.
Tennis shoes, APC, ca 1370 SEK (APC)
Tennis shoe in the treated suede to give it that special look. An affordable option.