TOP 10 – Inspirational Jewelry

There is no denying that a beautiful jewel makes the eyes of a vain woman shine with desire.We selected some jewels that every woman would want to have in her jewelry box, whether they be a gift or a purchase of her own.

The earring of Argola Shirley exudes the sensuality of the Brazilian woman. Rings are the most versatile earrings available, easy to use with the possibility of being used in the most varied looks and occasions. This piece is a must-have in the modern woman’s jewelry holder.

The 18K Gold Edilaie Earring with Emeralds as the protagonists of the beautiful creation, is an ideal earring for elegant and delicate women.This earring also combines with the most varied looks, be it a hi-lo, bohêmio, sport chic, or a more glamorous production for the night.In addition, smaller earrings are infallible to balance the look if you opt for a maxicolar in production, for example.Discretion and elegance in the right measure!

According to listofusnewspapers, the ring with name is an ideal jewel for sensitive and romantic women.The name of the ring can be the name of the boyfriend, husband, children, father, in short, someone very special, worthy of receiving a tribute in the form of jewelry.Impossible not to wish!

What woman does not want to have at least one solitary in her jewelry box? Whether it’s a graduation ring, a gift from someone in your family or an incredible wedding request. Solitaries are symbolic jewels that represent eternal love. The solitary ring Kate from the St. Paul House, which was inspired by Princess Kate Middleton’s engagement ring, is ideal for strong-willed women. With a vintage look, this ring that has a blue sapphire as the main gem of the piece, is a timeless jewel and an eternal gift. The 18K White Gold Princess Solitaire Ring with a central 25-point Diamond (0.25 carat) and diamonds studded on the side of the ring, sparkle a unique and charming glitter. Ideal to surprise a woman with an irrefutable wedding request. The Lola Ring Solitaire was developed for delicate women with personality and good taste. The jewelry can be made in White Gold, Yellow Gold or White Gold with detail in Yellow Gold.
One of the jewels most desired by a woman, as well as a solitary one, is undoubtedly an alliance that represents commitment, the promise of fidelity and eternal love.We selected 4 luxurious wedding rings that reflect the eternal glow of a couple’s love.1- Avivar Alliances: The model of the bride brings the glamor of the diamonds and for the groom, the piece is sophisticated and current.2- Angelina Alliances: The Rosé Gold with diamonds in the ring of the bride, is pure romanticism.This pair of rings, 6mm wide, is ideal for couples who want a stylish and magnificent jewel.3- Alliances Delices: The model highlights the brilliance of the jewelry, with the corners bulging the jewelry causes a beautiful effect of brilliance and design, overflowing sophistication.For the bride, the diamond symbolizes the couple’s eternal love.4- Alliances Essence: A more traditional model for discreet and refined couples.This jewel is the perfect combination of design, comfort and luxury.In the alliances of Casa São Paulo there is a ruby ​​set on the inside of the wedding ring to represent the couple’s eternal love.How not to fall in love with the design and detail of these beautiful jewels?