Tips to Choose Sunglasses

In town and beach, the sun and its ultraviolet (UV) may attack insidiously our eyes. Here are some tips to protect his eyes and face the dangers of the sun at all times.

Tips to Choose Sunglasses

Wear sunglasses, even in overcast
From the city to the mountains, you flaniez you were walking or you’re just lying on the sand, at any time, UV radiate including overcast. The risk is sunburn of the eye, very painful, which keeps him in the dark days. And contrary to popular belief, eye color does not play on sun sensitivity. It is unique to each.

Do not rely on color glasses
All kinds of sunglasses can filter UV thanks to their material or appropriate treatment. Dark sunglasses poor quality may even be more harmful than lighter glasses, because the pupil less dazzled would expand further and thus leave open the harmful rays of the sun. The sunglasses must filter 100% of UV. For this, the lunettier direct its customers to an index 3 for lots of sunshine and an index 4 to intense sunlight. For the mountain, do not hesitate to choose the index 4.

Choose color lenses
The gray reduces the light intensity and color unifies without denaturing them. This is the preferred color for farsighted. Myopic will, themselves, be more comfortable with brown, which reduces glare and improves contrast. Green provides a good contrast vision and respects the colors. It is suitable for contact lens wearers and farsighted. The yellow and orange diminish glare, but considerably amplify contrasts. Ideal for those with low vision.

Buy one pair for each activity
Progress has been made by manufacturers, allowing everyone to find the appropriate sunglasses to its activities. The technical polarized lenses filter the sunlight and the water reflected light, snow, car windows, all smooth and shiny surfaces. This option is ideal for water sports or drivers. The comfortable photochromic lenses adapt to light. Their color becomes lighter in dark surroundings and darker when exposed to ultraviolet light. This type of sunglasses can be recommended to people practicing eg mountain biking, activity where shaded areas quickly alternate with bright areas.

Do not forget the children
Children are more sensitive to UV radiation until the age of about 12 years, since their lens is still transparent. At Internetages, there is a very wide range of sunglasses for all ages including vintage and modern styles, with appropriate frames to the particular morphology of toddlers. A cord or elastic provides good support for them to bear on the nose all day and from a young age.