Tips of How to Make Looks of the Romantic

The swirled dress-also known as godé dress-is famous for its voluminous skirt and checked belt. Widely used since the 50’s, when it became popular, it is a versatile piecethat, besides being beautiful, enhances the biotype-independent body. Want to know how to wear dresses rolled? Then check out the Girls and Shoes tips.

Romantic Yes, Versatile

The swirled dress is very associated with the 50’s and 60’s, so it’s often seen as a romantic or vintage piece. It turns out that, despite this, the dress is an extremely versatile piece, just choose the right model and hit the combinations to make the dress turned from the romantic to the unglued, including the rocker.

Bet The Year Round

Rolled dresses can be worn any time of the year! As a summer dress, it fits well with light footwear, like sandal anabela or a creeper with pedrarias.

For winter, bet on dresses with heavier materials, abuse accessories such as scarf, hat, gloves and pantyhose, as well as pieces that leave you warm, like coats and jackets.

In the mild autumn and spring weather, you can use lighter garments such as summer dresses, combined with a jacket or even a cardigan. To finish the look, wear tight-fittingshoes, such as a women’s leather sneaker or short-legged boot.

Looks With Fashion

Fresh: a round summer dress can give rise to the most fresh looks. Invest in lightweight fabrics with a tank top or take it off.

Formal: To wear a dress turned in a more formal event, look for more elegant models and produced in noble fabrics. Here the special attention is due to the accessories, which should add elegance to the look from head to toe.

Party: When the rhythm is a party, bet on well-made round robes, rich details and bold fabrics. Play with accessories and makeup, but be careful not to overload the look.

Romantic: As good as it is romantic, the round dress creates beautiful looks within this style. Fluffy patterns and light colors are perfect for a romantic look. The sneaker is a loyal ally to the swirled dress, but if you want to vary a little, you can bet on high heel sandals ,espadrille or Mary Jane.

Funky: modern prints and differentiated cuts will make the dress look more modern.Enhance the look with modern accessories and footwear such as sneakers or traction sandals.

Looks with round dress will always rock! What is your favorite? Tell us about the comments.