Tips for Choosing Safe Toys

Moms! Dad! Who hasn’t come across them in choosing the perfect toy for your child? It sounds simple, but when we put foot in one of those big stores stocked with all kinds of toys, we are assailed by doubt: what will be the best? The most safe and suitable for my baby?

First you must bear in mind the age of your child, a toy for a child of three years cannot be right for one of seven. It must be that you check always that complies with safety standards. A good toy must also and above all be safe. But let’s see it in more detail on rctoysadvice.


We can’t trust our younger, have kids and as such do not have awareness of what they’re doing. Their actions are guided by the needs of the age, so if we want to protect them, we cannot control their every move. To do this you will definitely want to create a safe environment, with appropriate toys.

When you decide to buy a toy for your child, be careful what you choose. Don’t be attracted by the low price. Not all toys are suitable for both the material and for their functionality and for the presence of small parts may be swallowed easily.

In addition, we have already said, a toy for a small child cannot be right for an older child. The first thing to do to avoid buying one wrong is to read the label. Of course, the label often dispels our doubts but in principle should contain information important to us, first of all the material of which it is composed.

This is very important especially in those games that your child brings in the mouth, such as those to bite during teething, but even the puppets used in the bath, the booklets Often naively believe that toys soft etc., precisely because they are built for them, harmless. In reality things are not quite so.

Keep in mind that the material that is used in the making of these toys, PVC, a soft material. It contains a toxic substance, polyvinyl chloride, which can cause kidney and liver damage. The child nibbling object can absorb it or worse still swallow it. Unfortunately, the presence of PVC is not mentioned on the label of the game, why not even law.

In addition to the type of material, which must be of excellent quality, for all types of toy, attention should be paid to the type of paint used. You have to investigate whether they were using non-toxic paints. You also need to take into account the structure of the game itself and if it is made in such a way as to pose a danger to your child. One example is the famous stuffed animals.

The latter, which is among the most popular games, although rated 36 months, has a structure that could put the child in danger. The hair, but also the eyes, nose and other small components, may come loose and be swallowed, choking the child. The same goes for all those games that have removable parts, such as batteries, straps, bracelets etc.