Tips for a Christmas Family

We give you 25 simple practical suggestions to make this Christmas truly Christian, by Sheila Morataya-Fleishman.

Christmas. He comes back more times expected of the year. And it is that December is presented to us to have a provision aimed at all good, all that builds everything that brings joy.

Christ and his birth is the reason for your joy.

  1. Your day begins with a prayer reflecting on the meaning of advent which is the immediate preparation for the celebration of Christmas.
  2. Make a small purpose that lead you to think of others.
  3. Write a Christmas message to a person that you’re away.
  4. Leave a letter for Christmas under the pillow of your young children.
  5. Think what poor or needy person requires a detail of your affection.
  6. If you are an employee of service don’t expect Christmas to give you a gift. To tell you right now how much you appreciate the work which makes for you.
  7. Included in your list of gifts to your parish, a religious community, nursing home, and your employee’s service. Do something special for them along with your small children.
  8. If you work and your company will be a party, choose a few prints with the birth and writes them “don’t forget Jesus this Christmas”, and give the holiday to all those who can.
  9. Have you had a difficult year with an employee, a friend, or your children? It would be good that you asked forgiveness and make peace.
  10. What is some spine against someone who did not appreciate you, you hurt or you ignored in your heart? It would be wonderful to restart.
  11. Talking to your children what is forgiveness and looking for if they save some sentiment against someone so forgive with love of child.

12. Talk to your teenage children of forgiveness, explores the ways in which can deform the personality and damage relations. Motivate them to action of forgiving.

  1. Invites a friend who is just a nice place for lunch.
  2. Bake Christmas cookies for each one of your neighbors, take them with your children.
  3. Attempts in these days to focus more attention to the gift of peace than material gifts that you have to give.
  4. Watch closely not to overdo the meals.
  5. Trafficking of living material poverty when you go shopping.
  6. Try to control the view walking through shopping centers.
  7. Stick to a budget.
  8. Purchase gifts that contain the meaning of Christmas as far as possible.
  9. Make a list of the defects of character that you don’t want to you to master.
  10. Take a time to appreciate more your family and evokes happy moments.
  11. In addition to the Christmas tree manufactures a Nativity or birth (Bethlehem).
  12. Family read the passage from the birth of Jesus which appears in the Gospel of Luke.
  13. If someone in your family do not live their faith as it should, not to force him, or get angry. The best way to do apostolate is with your behavior.