Time of Breastfeeding-Supermamy Babies and Co

Hi guys, how are you doing?

Breastfeeding is a very special moment for mothers and babies, but who has been through that phase, you know that it’s not always quiet, huh?

We were worried if they are in the right position, the schedule of feedings during the day/night, and we still have difficulty in finding a comfortable position to avoid pain in the body. With so many challenges, some mothers may get frustrated and give up breast-feeding before the recommended period.

This week, I found a solution that I’m sure will help a lot! It’s a nursing pillow/cushion for breastfeeding, Babbfashion.

By the time I breastfed my children, this model did not yet exist in Brazil, but the great advantage of it to others, is that the format is anatomical, fits perfectly to the body of the mother. In addition to having a belt safe, don’t let the cushion out of place and avoids the distance between the mother and the baby.

Another important issue is the support for the back, which helps in proper posture and prevents pain in lower back and shoulders. There are two sizes, one for a baby and another for twins, both with the goal of a peaceful and more special breastfeeding!

I explained to Octavian the pillow and he loved it. Was passing hand and saying that is very soft!!

This is for a baby, look at the detail of the belt:

Isn’t it too much? Who knows I can use with a future child!!!

I’m sure the mothers life will be a lot easier with this pillow, I tested it and I highly recommend!

For those interested in learning more, the product was created in San Francisco, in the United States and is sold exclusively through the website Supermamy.