Tim Cook: Don’t Work for Money or Not Be Happy

We knew that Apple’s CEO was going to speak at the University of Glasgow to give this institution a prize in recognition of his career at the head of the company, and the Executive has not lost the chance to leave one of their phrases with much meaning, on this occasion to the students of the University.

The Auditorium was packed and Cook spoke openly about work and money, and he alerted attendees about the risk of blind to work only for the first. “Do not work for money”, It started saying, “the money out fast and you will never have enough to be happy”.

Balance between what you are passionate and serves the community

If it is not money… what should be the driving force that spur us to work? Cook recommended that attendees they will seek to balance -He speaks of ‘intersection’ – between what are passionate about and at the same time gives service to the community. “If you can’t find that intersection, won’t be happy”, concluded.

Apple’s CEO seems to not give too much weight to the money, perhaps because it is not a concern for it to be a millionaire, or perhaps because to know what brings money It gives value to what really matters. In any case, there is no doubt what really moves you is passion for making.