Tiaras: Royal Wedding Jewelry

Enough was talking last week about the dress of Princess Kate, would their beautiful jewels, we turn to all her tiara. Kate decided for the Cartier “Halo”-Tiara from 1936 (in German: “Halo”), which was given by her mother, Queen Mother, Queen to the 18th birthday. The noble, goldschmied piece was on loan from the Queen to Kate. The tiara is simple and elegant like Kate Middleton himself, says you can tell one about and circlet with diamonds just for understatement and humility.

According to 3rjewelry, Queen Elizabeth has the largest and most valuable collection of tiaras in the world, many of which have long been in the possession of the Royal family. Especially Queen Alexandra and Queen Mary could produce a variety of extraordinary tiaras during the British colonial era and were some of other Royal houses.

Princess Diana wore at her wedding by the way no tiara from the Royal collection, but a piece from her own family, the Spencer family tiara, which earned her notoriously little luck.

Tiaras are usually, unlike crowns, semicircular, consist of precious metals such as gold or white gold and are then filled with a variety of diamonds or other precious stones.

For extravagant weddings a striking tiara is worn like the dress, which not only elegantly solves the eternal question of the hairstyle, but at the same time keeps the veil. For designs and custom-made products , we advise you gladly on RENÉSIM.COM.