Thursday’s Coat

EITA fifth beautiful to ride and get out to take a good drink! Too bad it is also labor day right? Here in the world capital of happy hour, Thursday is day pumped. People leaving for manhole looking for a charming bar to take a little wine and chat with classmates (or not).

And then I tell you: the best friend of a Thursday of toil+drinks? A coat of power.

Notice the look of today: a short wide + striped blouse+saltinho. Perfect for work, right? Then you get a gorgeous velvet jacket with gold sequins and play over. P-R-O-N-T-O.

That’s all you need, people. A play. Can go from jeans and white t-shirt, can go from slacks and blouse, can go from working CAMI dress. Just a more tidy, with more personality, to elevate the look to another level. Today was the sequined jacket. Tomorrow may be a mega powerful necklace, or a super cute scarf.

Things I love about this jacket from Healthknowing (besides the fact that he was a gift from my husband, o how he knows me!):

-the combination of different textures
-the unusual pattern
– the metallic touch that brings a rich pro look

Things I love in this combination.

-the print jacket with contrast stripes shirt
-the unusual combination of colors, with black and gold jacket, shirt and pants PB caramel. The obvious would be to combine the jacket with a little black look, huh?
-the combination of large parts that run entirely of little rules sets, but I, personally, think that brings a lot of character (and I love it!)

To finish (and since it’s Thursday), perfect makeup, huh? Now that I am a person who knows how to put on false eyelashes (with liceeeeeeença), I’m just on a whim. OK, you don’t have to go to false eyelashes to work, but it never hurts to pass a pencil+eyeliner+mascara good.

Ready! And if you’re seeing this post on Friday (because in Brazil it’s Friday), leverages and already draws inspiration for tonight!