Thomas Prescher Watches

Thomas Prescher watch manufacturer was founded only in 2002, watchmakers but already among the most creative of their craft. The new Thomas Prescher Nobody Captain benefited from the attention to detail of the manufactory and in addition to the legendary flying triple axis Tourbillon also has a caliber manufactured in own halls completely.

Even at first glance, it becomes clear that that is not a normal timer Thomas Prescher Nobody Captain: for exceptional design Jules Verne’s watchmakers have taken “20,000 Leagues under the sea” and the art genre of Steam punks as a template. So it is little surprise that the sapphire glass with the striking unions reminiscent of a porthole. Only two materials are used for the housing with a width of 44 mm: rose gold and Palladium. The dial is also made of Palladium and features a small display of date and two distinctive lettering of the manufacture. However, the true highlight of the Thomas Prescher Nobody captain is the triple axis Tourbillon, which looks not only particularly filigree, but serves also as an indicator for the whole hour and minute. A fine detail of this watch is the crown, which is particularly noticeable by fine cuts.

Inside the Thomas Prescher Nobody captain an in-house caliber of type TP 3W6A.3 is the clock. The lightest part of the work on the scale weighs just 0,0009 grams. All 392 items are then intricately finished and decorated in laborious hand work. As the Tourbillon, the watchmakers use a three axis Tourbillon, which weighs not even three grams. The speed with which the axles turn is elegant: while the first and the second axis per a minute or only need the third axle in the turns an hour yourself.