The Windows 10 Mobile Native Voice Recorder

Windows 10 Mobile has new tools for Windows Phone phones.The system now has a native voice recorder that lets you record ambient sounds such as conversations, lessons or any other type of note you need.

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The feature also allows you to manage audio files with custom names, delete them, or share them by email.Here’s how to use Lumia’s voice recorder with Windows 10 Mobile in the TechTudo tutorial.

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Step 1. Swipe left the Windows 10 Mobile home screen and go to the “Voice Recorder” option.

Step 2. To start recording, touch the microphone icon in the center of the screen.Then, to end the recording, touch the blue icon again.

Step 3. The recording will appear in the list of the initial screen of the tool.Keep your finger on the file, and then tap the “Rename” option.

Step 4. Set the file name and tap rename to end the process.

You can repeat the process to record and organize the recordings in the Voice Recorder app, native to Windows 10 Mobile.

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