The University of Glasgow Will Grant Recognition to Tim Cook Special

Through a Glasgow University official press release announced that It will grant a honorary doctorate in Sciences with the CEO of Apple, Tim Cook. According to the educational institution, the surrender of the recognition will take place through a ceremony that will include a panel discussion, in which Cook will answer some questions that attendees students formulate.

The event will take place on Wednesday, February 8, in the Bute Hall Auditorium at the Campus of the University of Glasgow. According to Apple Insider, tickets to the ceremony, which would have a duration of one hour beginning at 6 PM (local time), they are already sold out.

On the web site of the University he commends Tim Cook for its ability to create “new products and innovative services”, as well as highlight their charitable donations, and use that given to renewable energy to feed the offices, shops and Apple data center. Similarly, the leadership that the signing of the Apple has had over the past years in the technology market stands.

The influence of the leader of Apple in education

This is not the first time that Apple’s CEO receives a recognition by an educational institution. Among the regular titles he has received is one in industrial engineering from Auburn University in Alabama, andan MBA from Duke University in North Carolina.

Similarly, the CEO of Apple has offered various lectures at educational forums. For example, Tim Cook will speak at the graduation ceremony for the 2017 promotion of MIT. This school of engineering is known as the best in the world in its category and she have been exciting projects that have occupied many headlines in the network.