The Stylish Way of Tying Your Bikini Curtain

Surely you must have seen the traditional Cortina bra, being tied differently. Want to understand why and learn how to do it?! So check out this Post

For some time now, there has been a great discussion about bikini marques. In the 90’s they were super sexy trend and all women wanted to have. Nowadays, it has come to be thought of as vulgar and vulgar by many fashion professionals.

We, from the Girl from Ipanema Shop, believe that this subject of marquinhas is very personal. Every woman knows how good she feels and that’s what matters!

But this post has come because many women are wanting away from those two white stripes on both sides of the lap and with the “near-end” of these marks, the Cortina has been replaced by the model Tomara Caia.

But has the “problem” been solved?! LOL…

Tomara Caia also makes marquinha! Much more discreet, we agree, however, there is a strip in the breasts, proving the tan. You can not want everything, right?!

It turns out that Cortininha is always with EVERYTHING and it’s been some time since it’s been used differently. Instead of tying the cord around their necks, they are tied behind the back, as if they were handles, one on each shoulder, resembling a lingerie bra! So, the marquinha is not in evidence and the breasts do not get so tight.

Check it out on the actress Isis Valverde:

This new type of mooring in the traditional Cortininha, has fallen in the taste of the celebrities. And of course, it did not take long to conquer the beaches of Rio and Brazil.

The actress and model Thaila Ayala is the precursor of this trend:

Giovanna Ewbank is beautiful anyway, but she was incredible launching this fashion on

Bruna Marquezine is a stamped stamp on the seashore and beaches of Rio de Janeiro.