The Story of Jeans

Perhaps the most democratic fabric and younger, despite more than a century of existence, thejeans has a fascinating history, with the pants, Levi Strauss, which started out as work clothes to become a cornerstone of modern clothing, with its more elegant versions, the skinny and the dear premium denim with their exclusive details. To tell that story, Barbara Duarte e Ricardo Terrazo beat a chat with Augusto Paz, a former friend of fashion and social media professional.

Leveraging the expertise of our guest we leave for a conversation about the changes the access to social media promoted in our lives in recent years. Like Facebook, Twitter, Blogs, Instagram and Snapchat are redefining the way you see the world, influencers and pop icons.

Changing the third block to a current theme, we discussed the genderless jeans from, i.e., garments if distinction than is done for man or woman, leaving your choice what to buy and how to use it.Is this going to work? Is there any brand really doing a genderless or most fashion is only taking advantage of the hype?

At the end of the show we like tip to Levi’sHouse, a very cool initiative that will blend film, music, food and fun in a room in the Neighborhood of Santa Cecilia, in São Paulo. Learn more here!

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