The Ring of Kim Kardashian

The ring of Kim Kardashian, offered by Kanye West and fly during the robbery on Sunday night, is estimated at EUR 4 million.

To sell it, criminals will necessarily have to make him lose his value.

A very pure twenty-Carat Diamond, which is based on a thin ring, itself set with small diamonds.

This huge ring of Kim Kardashian was estimated at four million euros, according to  “A second gift of marriage” that the star does not is mystery, posting four days ago, a photo of his hands, the jewel in the foreground.

The ring, just like a jewelry box, estimated at five million euros, have been appropriated by criminals, on the night of Sunday to Monday, when the violent star in Paris heist.

The robbery is the most important on an individual for twenty years in France. But not easy for thieves to get rid of an accessory as rare and custom. To sell it, the robbers will have to make him lose its value (a little).

“Nobody would buy the stone without beware”

First step for thieves: disassemble the jewel and dismiss the tiny diamond identification number, serious laser and identifiable under the microscope. For this, the jewel must necessarily be recut. Contacted by Liberation, Olivier Segura, Director of the French laboratory of Gemmology (LFG), it would then to the jeweler “good reason”to agree to rework a diamond in perfect condition.

A work which will necessarily lose value to the stone. His-20 carat- weight had been confirmed by the jewellery itself, Lorraine Schwartz, who had posted on Instagram a photo from the hands of Kim-K, in possession of two rings designed especially for her.

A diamond very rare so difficult to resell

Another problem for criminals: sell the goods. Because, on the french market, “nobody would buy a stone like that without beware”, believes Olivier Segura. So much more than only 2% of diamonds around the world would be pure.

Management then “countries like the India, the Netherlands or Israel, high places of trades of precious stones”, hypothesis Jacques Morel, referent in security of the French Union of jewellery, jewellery, silversmithing, stones and pearls (UFBJOP), cited by the daily.

Another possibility: oblivion. As in the traffic of works of art, the diamond can remain dormant for a few years before surface again. In Alsace, a diamond so was found more than a decade after his flight.