The Results of Apple Have Beaten Records Again, But Is There a Dark Side?

The financial figures that Apple gave on Tuesday leave no doubt: after a year in which benefits descended, have become to beat several records and company It had the best three months in its history. With reason, shares have risen to the highest values in his last 18 months.

With such positive figures and a good response in the bag, there is reason to worry? Do we will see a trend of growth or this has been a “Christmas joy” between a period of declines that will follow from the second fiscal quarter of 2017? Let’s see some signals to secure Apple already taking into account.

Have sold fewer iPhones than last year…

This quarter has been the quarter that have been sold more iPhones than ever, but if you look at sales grouped by years We see a decline. While 231.2 million units were sold in 2015, 2016 218 million were sold. In other words, they have been the best Christmas of Apple but 2016 has not been his best year.

…and Apple depends very much on the iPhone

Nearly 7 of every $10 that Apple has entered the last quarter have been thanks to the iPhone. Services, which include earnings from the App Store and Apple Music subscriptions, are also based on that. There is no problem that Apple owns a product star that has revolutionized various industries, but what if the iPhone loses bellows? The effects would be noticed in the finances of the entire company.

Be careful with the rhythm of the Mac

…and the Mac is the platform in which valuable developers create applications for iOS. This year the new MacBook Pro has a little encouraged the sales, but the risk of losing the Mac faithful years still present. And the head of Swift progress in Apple also denotes trace of changes.

Julio Cesar Fernandez told us in a recent interview that this may end in a universal operating system to make application programming look everywhere, although Apple has always said that iOS and macOS will exist always separate.

Who do not panic: Apple already knows all this

Say that this is something that Apple have not predicted is crazy: in Cupertino there is teams of people plotting plans B, C, D and Z If the strategy that is initially planned does not work. And money, cash or in the form of cash, has more than enough to cover unforeseen.

Services are growing, and that also goes beyond iPhone. There is a strong spending in r & d over the past years, What can give us products we don’t even now imagine (or Yes) to within a few years. Apple, like other big companies, has forecast about how can evolve their finances over the next decade. And I doubt that in some of these plans consist of let grow.