The Perfect Dress

The dance of welcome is a very important party in any school, followed only by the prom. Dances of welcome is wearing the dresses that are of satin decorated with sequins at the height of the knee, because they are very comfortable to dance all night without worries.

Choose the length and cut suitable

According to Hyperrestaurant, a dress for the prom has to get down to the knees, or a little above them. For the dances of graduation long dresses are appropriate, but they are not suitable for a dance of welcome.

Dresses suitable for a dance of welcome must be more tight, having more elegant silhouettes and cuts that allow you to move and dance comfortably. You can even use tulle or pleats. In addition, it is advisable to use strips or any form of support. If you are using a dress without strips, you have to make sure it is perfect. The cut and length have to be elegant and fun.

Pay attention to the fabric, color and stamping

The dance of welcome is performed mostly in late autumn, is casual, traditional and fun. The components of a dress suitable for this type of event are bright colors, floral or tinted prints.

The colours white, dark, metallic tones, ivory or black are colors appropriate for a solid dress for the dance of welcome. Animal prints is good fun, or also a black and elegant embroidery can be stunning when you go together with a juvenile court. The perfect dresses for dances of welcome must be fabrics with glitters.

Make sure that your dress is practical and appropriate for your school

As we can see, the sequins on a magazine page our attention much, but are still highly recommended in a dress for the dance of welcome. It may be that in your school there is a strict dress code (as it may be, not wear sleeveless dresses, then bring a shawl or a wrap to cover the shoulders. It is also important that you combine your dress with a stylish coat because of insurance you will feel cold during the night. Finally, keep in mind the semi-formal concept. To look good in an event of this category, you should avoid the use of dresses with too many folds or other models of ornaments that cause you discomfort.

Know your personal style and how it translates in a dress for the dance of welcome

The dress you buy should reflect your personality and style. If you’re daring, flirtatious and extroverted, I recommend that you choose a dress that has a pattern of animals or a cute dazzling gown with one-shoulder that highlights your figure. If you like to dress in a way classical, with an elegant touch, choose a dark and shiny embroidery or floral one with a simple hem and neckline. If you’re fun, creative and extravagant, you have to use folds, tulle or ties. Women that stand out in this type of event are those that have their own style and reflect with the help of colors, cuts and fabrics, these are the main features of the dresses for the dance of welcome.