The Packard Bell EasyNote XS In The Test

Speed & data storage

The small EasyNote XS is equipped with a via processor as opposed to the cheaper competitor of ASUS Eee PC. Despite the higher clock frequency of 1.2 GHz, the working speed is less. ««

On board built-in 1024 megabyte memory and a 1.8-inch HDD with 30 gigabytes memory. are fixed

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Instruction & equipment
the small notebook has a webcam for video conferencing and chats, which in addition to the screen housed was.

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also waiting the ultra mobile device with stereo speakers and a microphone on. Class: Accessories, Packard Bell XS puts a bag to protect for on the way in. And: Bluetooth for wireless data exchange is in the device incorporated.

That just under a kilo light notebook is shipped with the Windows XP operating system. For Office work or to learn no other programs are included. You can but to install free programs like OpenOffice. «

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The operation is very simple. The integrated touchpad but differs from the usual laptop designs. Left above use right and left mouse button, top right the sensitive Panel. Is the unit on your lap or hold it in your hand, it is a successful solution. Work desk falls so hard.

Packard Bell EasyNote XS in detail

6 images to the photo gallery image quality
Screen measures seven inches and offers a native resolution of 800 x 480 pixels. Thanks to anti-reflective coating interfere with no reflections which go very easily can occur on sunny days. Practical: By simultaneously pressing FN and F11, you can set even higher resolutions up to 1024 x 768. However, these are the quality poor.

Via the DVI connector can be connected digital monitor. Beware: it’s supported only the resolution 1024 x 768. This is the digital connection as emergency – and not a permanent solution. as a commercially available 19-inch monitor has a resolution of 1280 x 1024 pixels. «

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COMPUTER image conclusion
the EasyNote XS joins as an additional product, in addition to the popular ASUS eeee PC, in the list of ultra mobile devices.

In contrast to the 300-Euro device from Asus is here not to hard drive and operating system saved. However, the better equipment is reflected in the price. 599 euros is the price recommended by Packard Bell.

Anyone looking for a very small Windows laptop that has a hard drive, find the right device. ««««However don’t forget it, that costs twice the faster Eee PC EasyNote XS!

Test conclusion: what you should know

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