The New Music Phones Competition For Ipod &Amp; Co.

The mobile phone manufacturers are upgrading: the new mobile phones offer more memory, more services and more and more features. The music phones also follow this trend. So, for example, Apple’s iPhone with 16 gigabytes has double the memory size. Nokia simultaneously announces the expansion of its Ovi music portal which is launched in the UK so far only. But sound the mobile phones today already so well that they are iPod & co. can replace?

MP3 cell phones to catch up in terms of sound quality
nor the sound of music mobile phones not quite up to the level of the best MP3 players can reach. At high volume, many phones with slightly distorted sound nerves, during quiet passages to a weak noise often cloud music. But the music phones to catch up. So iPod touch section in the Apple COMPUTER image-sound test better than the Samsung SGH-i550 but only very slightly.

Picture Gallery: ten new music phones

10 images to the photo gallery of battery life
also the phones with music function quite well in the race are the battery runtimes. With the Samsung SGH-i550 about can be heard approximately twelve hours of uninterrupted music. Most mobile phones last ten hours while listening to MP3 music the average, when simultaneously active phone function. Pure MP3 player create between 11 and 25 hours.

Music formats
MP3 and WMA (Windows Media) play almost all mobile phones with music players. 5310 Xpress reflect for example Nokia’s copy-protected (DRM) music music or Samsung’s SGH-G800.

Mp3 Player And Radio
With large memory card (two gigabytes) and separate buttons for the MP3 player Nokia Xpress music named the 5310 rightly. Getting some phones such as the Samsung SGH-G800, no memory card in the trade seems nowadays strange. Because then the customer must buy in addition a memory card to extend the music store. Two gigabytes is sufficient for about 600 songs in decent quality. However, the trend is towards memory expansion. Nokia’s N96, that should come from summer in the trade, has eight-gigabyte, iPhone is there even in a 16-gigabyte version. Today almost standard: a radio function.

Like I listen to the music?
Matching stereo headset with cable connection to the cell phone is all phones. Because the test candidates dominate the stereo Bluetooth profile, you can transfer about on a radio headset mobile music in stereo quality. Mobile phone with a 3.5 mm jack socket are very customer friendly. «««Then each Stereo Earphone fits namely with an appropriate plug and not only the supplied headphones.

Ten current mobile Phones with special Musical Talent, see Picture Gallery

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