The LED Guide

Light means life and when the different areas of our house have a special light, the atmosphere of each room is transformed. With proper lamps and lights (LED, energy saving lamps) can be created different environments. It is especially nice to come home at night and be greeted by a warm light.

LED lights are becoming increasingly popular because they offer a number of advantages than traditional bulbs or energy-saving lights have not. Let yourself be convinced of the benefits of LED lights!

Advantages of LED lights

To show everything a LED light can offer, we have synthesized all its virtues here:
• No heat: provide light without emitting heat.
• Energy savings:   require much less energy to operate than normal bulbs.
• Lifespan: these lights have a superior life to that of other lamps, which again we saving you money.
• Free of toxic substances, unlike other lights, LEDs do not contain mercury, which makes them much more besides. easy to recycle
• radiation: LED emit neither ultraviolet nor infrared rays.
• no waiting: the ignition is immediate, with no need to wait to shine with intensity.
• Adaptable: most LED lights are equipped with a feature that allows you to adjust the intensity, depending on your preferences.

The LED light

When the first LED lights hit the market a few years ago, they offered only in the version cold light. These lights, reminiscent of those of a dentist, were not pleasant for a house. Fortunately the LED lights have improved and developed models with warm lights, ideal to place in our classrooms.

Regarding technical aspects, the first generation of LED lights had a temperature of 3,000 Kelvin color, according to allpubliclibraries, which means that the emitted light was white and cold. As we have already said, it was not a pleasant light for a home. After several technological advances, the color temperature has changed, down to 2,500 Kelvin. This causes the LED current emit a warm and welcoming light.

A dim light

Many lamps or LED bulbs offer the possibility to adjust its intensity. This allows us the same room, which was once a bright place, becomes an intimate and cozy place to spend a quiet afternoon. Depending on the occasion or whatever you like at any time, switch your LED lamp can transform a room immediately.

For all

LED lamps are not only efficient objects, can also be beautiful! Today there are many models, it is impossible to decide on one. LED bulbs are so small that allow all kinds of designs and constructions. This makes not only find LED light in its traditional forms such as floor lamps, ceiling or table, but also in different and unusual ways:

  • illuminated Steps: LED can be installed on the floor allowing us tocreate bright lines on stairs.
    • Backlight: Some TVs have built in the back that light and project different colors LED lights, depending on what appears on the screen at all times.
    • garden lighting: LEDs are ideal for use in garden because of its strength and durability.
    • LED strips: are strips, self-adhesive that can be placed virtually anywhere. This way you can easily illuminate a shelf , a sideboard or any other item you want.

LED lights are probably the best alternative to bulbs traditional advantages for its combination of design and functionality. This type of lighting offers endless possibilities in the most efficient manner possible, becoming an indispensable element.