The Large Ultrasound

We have prayed. Not just once.

The long-awaited date for the large ultrasound part II, the date which should tell us whether the organs are properly arranged and whether our baby is healthy.

Alex and I told the doctor at the beginning about our history and our fears, she said from the start that this does not mean anything. The fact that the baby lay on two dates in the flexion, does not have to be bad. It can be a coincidence and our baby may find this position just comfortable. According to the doctor, we were a little calmer at once.

I freed my belly, put myself on the couch and the ultrasound began. We immediately noticed the difference to our standard female doctor. Mainly on the equipment. The unit looked new and modern, there were two screens, one right next to the couch on which the doctor looked and a large screen for the parents opposite the couch.

We looked excitedly at the screen and both hoped deep inside us that the baby is different! Stretched lies!

Our many prayers were answered! The baby was definitely different. There were also immediately calming words of the doctor. She looked at all the body parts in detail. The head, the cerebellum, the heart, the kidneys, the umbilical cord, etc. The measurements have been typed by another colleague parallel into a system. Our baby looks healthy! A huge stone fell from our hearts! Although it is with angled legs, but that is absolutely in order. The doctor was unable to recognize two measures because of the child situation. She asked us to go for a walk. The clinic is near a beautiful park, the sun was shining and so it was a pleasant walk. The child moved and the doctor could also take the last measurements.

We get a healthy boy!

I asked her, of course, again how safe it is that our baby becomes a boy. Her answer was “It’s damn sure. So sure it was never. “She showed us the gender on the monitor.And yes, it looks like a young man. The sentence of the doctor can be interpreted ambiguously. The doctor said that if she is so sure, no one has complained. One sees the sex well. How Alex interpreted the sentence is probably clear.^ ^

After the deadline, we both had to go to work. However, I could not really concentrate on my work. I get a son! SHOP! The list of things still needed is long, the selection in the net im large and I still rather unaware. So it came that I can say with a slightly bad conscience that I was paid today for doing nothing. At least from work.

Baby, 21 weeks.