The Ladies – 50s Diner in Esslingen

The Ladies: The Original 50s Diner In Esslingen

Whloves homemade American treats, such as scented muffins, hearty, freshly prepared burgers and vegetarian specialities, is spot-on with the original 50s diner “The Ladies”. To find the diner in Esslingen / cell is in the beautiful South of Germany. Here, serve yet friendly pin up girls milkshakes and take your order in 50s fashion. In the background, classic sound known rock and roll. The illusion is perfect, as it would be rapidly been catapulted into a time machine directly in the Decade of the 50’s in the American West.

The two pretty managing directors Jennifer Honnef and Nicole Olma have answered for us the most important things in a small interview.

1. Hello Dear Ladies, Imagine Once:

Nicki, 31 years old, passionate juice nudges & GC, 35 years old, passionate Burgergrillerin.

2. How Come You The Great Idea An Original In The 50s Style Diner To Open?

In the 50s, there was much that we love. The music, clothing, movies, dinner, gentleman, etc. For this reason, have we always again spun around how great our girls nights but it to have Diner in the vicinity so a 50. Since this was not the case, we have decided one evening with a glass of champagne to do it easily yourself. And so the whole thing happened then.

3. You Have Been Nominated For The Founder’s Prize In 2012 And Have Earned Him Won. Is There A Little History?

We have taken the 2nd place at the founder’s prize of the Landesbank Baden-Württemberg and the founder’s prize of the KSK Esslingen-Nürtingen the 1st place. At that time, we had just started and had much to do. Our supervisor to the KSK has drawn our attention on it that we could participate in the founder’s prize. There we thought: “why not”. That we end up so far forward we would have never thought and are up today really proud of it.

4. What Influences From The 50s Influenced Your Style? There Are Many Beautiful Pictures Of Stars Like Audrey Hepburn Or Elvis In Your Diner, Etc. To Find Ye Idols From The 50s?

There are quite a few idols from the 50s. Such as Rock Hudson, Roy black, Doris Day, Johnny Cash, Peter Alexander, Dean Martin, Heinz Erhardt, Romy Schneider, Elvis, Marylin Monroe. And these are only a handful of which we here call very clearly our furnishing style of the films is J and influenced the music of the 50s. And also your own creativity could not be missed.

5. What Goodies From Your Diner Would Recommend Her Highly To Your Guests?

Of course our classics, the cheeseburger. But also our homemade spare ribs or the Meatballsandwich. Just as our vegetarian burgers & hot dogs. And as a sweet conclusion as our $5 milkshake or the ladies favorite milkshake. Also a homemade Brownie is certainly nothing to sneeze at

6. On Your Map Is There’s Too Many Vegan And Vegetarian Meals- How Did?

Since I, Marissa, am vegetarian myself for over 20 years, it was clear from the beginning that there will be as many dishes as possible also in vegetarian form. The homemade chili burgers & hot dogs. Vegetarian there again if we could take here but not on the map, had requested we have decided after about half a year for a vegan map. Meanwhile, there are even vegan Brownie & milkshakes. Both assumes so great that we are surprised and happy itself again every day anew.

7’s Rock ‘N’ Roll Events Take Place At You Again And Again.When Is The Next And Which Bands Can Be Seen?

The 26.07.14 is our 3rd pink ‘n roll instead. Here Mona occur this year & forth on moonshiners from Vienna and then Nina & the hot spots from Freiburg. The admission is free. The event starts at 4: 00 and goes until midnight. There are hot dogs, fries, cocktails & co. We welcome huge on it and are curious how many find their way to us.

8. When You Go Cool Guys And Pretty Pin Ups On And Off, Hot Rods And Classic Cars Are Available On Your Parking The Diner A Species Has Become Home For The Scene In Esslingen And The Environment?

We would say our diner has become a focal point in any case. It runs the right music, the establishment of true, there are American food and a large car park where you can keep getting his chic vintage in the eye.

9. In The “The Ladies Diner” Takes You To The Smallest Details: Original Furnishings, Typical Music Of The 50s And Stylish Diner Outfits. Every Guest Feels Years Transported Immediately Like In A Journey Through Time In The 50s. You Guys Also Guests From This Generation?

Yes, indeed come again guests from this generation and they are also very comfortable, like to revel in memories. A very dear Lady had celebrated even your 75th birthday with us some time ago.

10. What Bands You Privately Like To Hear?

We love of the Rock ‘n Roll of hits about German music very much. Everything spread good mood.

11. How Can You Reach You On The Internet? or on FACEBOOK

12. There Is An Extra “The Ladies – Good Mood Song”-How Did It Come About?

We love the Ulk bears the great Falk (youtube, couch potato salad). Somehow the good mood has crept a song so slowly but surely with us. It fits just perfect for us, because we are absolute fans of good humor.

13 “The Ladies Diner” In 3 Words?

Love, Passion, & Good Mood

Thank you very much for the friendly answering of our questions, their loved ones.

Definitely a look again at this great 50s Diner, it’s worth!!!