The High Speed Ladies

10 x two best girlfriends UMTS on heart and kidney test for two months and write about it–Xonios great readers test starts on August 1.

Watch Mobile TV and music download snapshots via MMS, send and emails received, look for the weather forecast and the next, ice-cream parlour search-all this theory with the fast data connection UMTS is not a problem.

But what use are these services in practice? And modern UMTS phones are as easy to use?

All of this try out 20 Xonio readers in practice and find out – in our large UMTS test with the support of Vodafone and Motorola. In the Xonio blog report their experiences with the testers of life.

That’s The Point

UMTS opened mobile phone users a variety of ways, to use on the way data-intensive services. We want to know how to proves this technique in everyday life. And we want to find out whether there is a specifically female perspective on this technology.

To do this, we looked good girlfriends, who would have plenty to discuss and learn about the colorful, wide world of UMTS services.

These 20 high speed ladies in the age from 19 to 63 years from 1 August to 30 September try, what is possible with UMTS-and whether mobile high-speed fun. It goes without saying that also the phones of a critical examination be subjected. We will present the results of the tests of the reader in detail after the action at Xonio.

High speed ladies-the blog
During the entire action report the participants at Xonio in a special blog with stories and images from her life with UMTS-also from August 1.

High speed ladies-the hardware and services
Xonio cooperates with Vodafone and Motorola in this test. Motorola makes the phones (RAZR V3x) as well as Bluetooth headsets available, Vodafone SIM cards. Of course, there is no cost to the participants.

The Event To Kick Off

Where start an action about cutting-edge technology, if not in the Deutsches Museum in Munich?

Here, the participants received their test cell phones and SIM cards. You were familiar with Vodafone’s UMTS services, and met the test cell phone Motorola RAZR V3x.

Why try UMTS?
Since the mouse bites off no thread: when unpacking the cameras-proved at least at the moment-most interesting feature: hardly any of the participants could resist the temptation to photograph the girl immediately, and to send the photo.

The mobile experience of the participants range from rudimentary to profound. It is common to all, that they are curious about it, become acquainted with UMTS. Why? Here the answers differ: receive emails with the notebook surf, download music, watch videos-the reasons are as varied as the personalities.

And why only now? On some answered quite simply: “Too expensive.” No wonder that Vodafone spokeswoman Marion Stolzenwald affiliated pointed out special data plans, which to help to keep costs even in case of intensive use in the handle.