The Dark Meadow’, Squeezing Unreal Engine and Tegra 3

When you get a new terminal, the first thing you do is squeeze it, to see what is capable. Normally you have two options: floating point calculation, or games of last generation software. The second option is often the most colorful, so I tried with ‘ The Dark Meadow & #8217;, an incredible game in first person, exclusive for Tegra 3 and that abuse engine Unreal Engine.

To see the stunning graphics spent ‘ The Dark Meadow ’, and looseness with it moves them, it is amazing to think that we we have a game for a mobile terminal. The play of light and shadows, the oppressive atmosphere, the feeling of being in a real hospital of the century passed, abandoned and covered in weeds … detail is a work of art.

A typical argument

The protagonist of the game, that shows us the world in first person, open your eyes in a room that is as unknown as we. He is not alone, an old man in a wheelchair just dedicated a few seconds to indicate that it is not unusual to not remember anything, and there is a threat. Little information, and worrying.

So first thing is to explore the surroundings, rummage in oxidized drawers and look at old boards in search of clues about this strange abandoned hospital, why we are on it and, most importantly, how to get out.

Simple controls

The game controls do not have any history. There is only that Drag the tab and double-click the object that we want to pick up, open or use. To move, the same, double-clicking on the direction in which we want to move forward. A single button, located on the upper part, gives access to the menu, inventory, map, and statistics.

To use the weapons (that will have to use it, this is no surprise) appear onscreen automatically controls, pretty easy to understand.

The ambient sound is perfect for creating atmosphere of terror. By default, the dialogues in English are shown with subtitles in Spanish.

The saved game is automatic, and the game allows you to manage several games. In the menu there is nothing intrusive ads, and premium options (purchase of objects and coins to purchase items in the game).

What I like least is that if you change your application just a moment, or even if the screen shuts down for any reason, you will have to reload the game. If you are in the first room, you get to wait for the old you again to tell the whole story.

Playability, that already to the taste of each

As I have said, my intention with this game was to test the capabilities of the terminal. Unfortunately, I could not test thoroughly the game. This type of first-person shooters are incompatible with me. And it is not no hobby … more than five minutes playing with the camera movement that simulates the steps of the protagonist, and my stomach starting stirring.

So after several attempts to make decent screenshots, these are the best that I’ve been able to get before having a bad body. If you will (and you can enjoy) this type of games, I recommend it, even just for the graphics.

That Yes, need almost a gigabyte of free space, What is not usually a problem in the type of terminals that are capable of running a brutality like this.

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The Dark Meadow Version 1.1.29

  • Version of Android: from 2.3.3
  • Developer: Phosphor Games Studio
  • Download it in: Google Play
  • Price: Free (premium options)
  • Category: Horror, first-person