The Current Trends for Wedding Cake

Indispensable, wedding cake can-and should-be the bride and groom’s dream. But it needs to be in harmony with the decoration of the party.

The wedding ceremony is surrounded by mysteries that leave the guests curious and eager for the arrival of the celebration. Today, besides the bride’s dress, the cake chosen is one of the elements that generates great expectation in people.It is no wonder that in defining this detail, the bride and groom are careful not to disappoint.

But before opting for any trend, it is important to keep in mind that the dream wedding cake should be a combination of the love of the lovebirds and the proposal of the Great Day to avoid excesses and really surprise those who are present. Here at Montchaninstores you can get more different models and styles.

Know what wedding cake styles are up and choose the one that best fits the theme of the event and of course, to the taste of you!

Bet without fear
Are you in search of something different, for the guests to eat with their eyes? Roll cakes, naked with sugar flowers, more rustic cakes with spaghetti toppings in white or black chocolate ganache, cakes decorated with lace and handmade flowers in American paste or with colorful flowers are options that are high and stand out amid the party decoration.

Another trend is tall cakes. “Our biggest cake so far was one of 2.60 meters. He had 10,000 sugar orchids and took three months to produce, “says Marcelo Vignatti, a partner at The King Cake. But such a cake is not suitable for unpretentious and informal weddings.

Go classic
If you are a less adventurous couple and prefer something cleaner, Piece of Cake partner Julie Orberg Piovezanni points out that the traditional cake with details in lace and white flowers is an alternative that will never go out of style. Nevertheless, to give a special and current touch to the classic white cake, Vignatti’s suggestion is to reproduce the income of the wedding dress in sugar or adopt the monogram used in the marriage communication in the candy.

All in harmony
The cake model should converse with the style of the wedding. More informal events, on the beach or in the country, call for less traditional cakes, such as naked or with more rustic, colorful or pretty flower cakes. Classic celebrations, on the other hand, combine with more imposing cakes and rich in detail, especially American pasta.

In general, for parties that happen during the day, cake designer Mariana Junqueira indicates clean cakes. The most glamorous are ideal at night. “At nightly weddings or indoors, the bride and groom can opt for bold, sparkling, lace and metallic cakes,” adds Jessica Vitor, cake designer Jessica Vitor Bolos Cenográficos.

Considering the season of the year when the wedding will take place is also important when setting the cake. Warmer design designs are good choices during fall and winter, while pastel shades look gorgeous in the spring. And enhancing the cake with tropical flowers, like Estrelítzia, is a sure-fire alternative in the summer.

And do not forget to consider the weather by setting the flavor of the cake .Marcelo Vignatti points out that the freshest ones fall well on hot days and the strongest tastes in the cold.

Scenography or cutting cake
All styrofoam decorated, the scenographic cake is a good option if the bride and groom need to save money or there is a need to transport it to regions far from where it was made. The cut cake is edible and ideal for grooms who do not give up having a photo cut cake.

If you are undecided, the suggestion is that at least one part of the candy is cut, to be served to the guests, and the other set. That’s because wedding cake carries a lot of traditions and meanings that go far beyond the wedding decor.The cut of the cake represents the first act of the couple made together, the first piece symbolizes a life of great harmony and the cake depicts the union, after all is the only element of the marriage shared by all present at the event.

In the right measure
Those who opt for the cut cake should pay attention to one more point to get it right in choosing all the details of the candy: the ideal quantity per person.After all, no couple wants to be wasted or there is not enough cake to serve the guests, is not it?

It is recommended to estimate 100 grams per person, considering 30% to 40% of the number of guests for the wedding, since not everyone consume the sweet, especially when there are, besides the cake, other options of dessert and extra foods.

Another option is to calculate the amount by slices. Julie points out that the larger the party, the smaller the number of people who will eat cake. “If the party is for 100 guests, I recommend 80 slices of cake. If it is for 500, I indicate 100 to 150 pieces at most, “he concludes.

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