The Colored Jeans and Topshop Glam

Topshop is a trademark low cost English and has spread to 20 countries worldwide, is one of the most beloved “democratic” brand and produces accessories, handbags, clothes, shoes and jewelry glamorous and trendy, always inspired by great fashion designers. The Topshop brand was founded in 1964 and was immediately welcomed with open arms by all fashionistas , there is still a store in Italy (although rumors circulating for some time) but luckily the online shop has also been opened for us.

The colored jeans from Topshop

The collection Spring Summer 2012 Topshop is very attractive, as every year the British brand offers us garments and accessories suitable for any time of the day.A leader who is always cool, and never goes out of style is the jeans , accompanies us from childhood and we can not do without. If you want the details and glam jeans can do a little thought to the fabulous colored jeans , lively and chic models perfect for the summer. The English label Topshop proposes shinny jeans there declined in various pastel shades, we have a pattern in pink candy, one in red raspberry and another in pink fishing, then there are a few with large striped trousers in white and pink and one patterned tie dyeorange, ivory and white. These beautiful pants you can buy them on the online store of Topshop at the price of 40.00 pounds, a figure accessible for all girls.

The new hot pants Topshop and advice to wear them
In summer the triumph hot pants commonly known shorts or cropped jeans who so love the celebrities , especially the mischievous Miley Cyrus! Also Topshop celebrates the arrival of summer with a pair of hot pants in pink, a very nice and charming model that you can buy on the online store at a price of 22.00 pounds. In fact the hot pants you can also get them at home, you can just cut your traditional jeans and then make us a little edge with the sewing machine, do not leave frayed, it is not carnival and punk are not in fashion! Hot pants can be combined with many looks different, you can wear them with T-shirts, cotton sweaters, jackets and blazers, but also with top and pierced T-shirts. With a little ‘fantasy, and with the right shoes, they can also become an integral part of astylish look , perhaps combining them with a shirt and a blazer fabric. If you have never tried the hot pants started wearing them to go to the beach and in the pool, you will see that will not want to do without it. Hot pants should be avoided if you have too much cellulite or plump legs (is a leader who does not forgive unfortunately!) But you must also avoid using those that are too short, the vulgarity is always out of fashion!