The Best Products Of 2007

Who would have thought: end of 2007 can be found no longer stinginess is cool. Rather, we should hate and what is expensive. However, technology is to be loved. Because one is happy, if you go to an electronics market, who himself once again brings together the zerstrittensten families: with friendly staff and a refrigerators with integrated TFT display. expensive and precious In not yet last year there were more than modified advertising campaigns of leading electronics manufacturer of

course much more. 2007, the iPhone may have been the highlight. Small, flat, elegant and expensive it came a few months across the pond. First you thought it doesn’t come. But luckily there are YES T-Mobile. Who would like to put to the flat thing, must choose one of three very expensive contracts. That comes only with the iPhone and are in effect many times more expensive than the pure device without contract. cheap Navis new also with the navigation devices: helpers for large and small travel have become more compact and above all cheaper. This is due to the increasing demand. If the higher sales figures also have to do that so many Navis are stolen, is however not known. faster and more economical  the portables are to announce only trifles in the truest sense of the word: the devices are smaller and faster than a year ago. Better batteries and less power-hungry processors extend the maturities enormously. Is also in this year: the unit should be small and fast, and come out on top of that long without plug, which is reflected in the price down.   off one turn four  desktop computers were especially faster every year. Quad-core processors, four processors on a single chip, and faster graphics cards were PC users. Computer with quad-core processors and fast graphics cards need but one thing: power. It came out until recently, even with a 300-Watt power supply, it may be now a little more.   Microsoft’s Vista  with Windows Vista, Microsoft 2007 has brought out a successor to the successful operating system Windows XP. It should be the best seller. But due to various problems, customers but hesitate because it has some problems. Only those who bought a new computer, had to change on the supposedly better and more beautiful operating system. 2008, there is hope. «««Then it should be the first update for Vista appear.» Test: Mobile Navigation devices » Test: Apple iPhone Test, Videos and Prices » Advisor: make Windows faster