The Best News Apps for Android and iPhone

Every year we try to keep up with the world’s news. Only it gets difficult, with so much access to the information that we have nowadays. They are blogs, news sites, newspapers, magazines, social networks. And you have to filter or read it all, which is very difficult.

To help you stay current without having to access thirty different websites, we’ve listed the best news apps you can have on your Android or iPhone. It is worth remembering that some of them only have news in English, but we could not stop putting it in this article, because they are great sources of information, even for those who are not fluent.

Mobile News App: New York Times

The New York Times has one of the best news apps in the world. If you follow North American sports, the New York Times has an app just for that. You also have free access to the most important news of the day, including news out of the newspaper. A simple update will bring new stories throughout the day, and you can read news summaries all day. You can subscribe to the newspaper and receive all news, or have limited access and free. Available for all mobile platforms. Remember: the application shows news in English, but the language is easy to understand for those who have the same basic English.

News Apps: BuzzFeed

BuzzFeed is a news aggregator that became famous for its fun and viral content. The application consolidates news from multiple blogs and sites in one place, allowing you to customize the types of articles you want to read. You can also navigate through the menu to view interesting questionnaires, what is trend or news, and do searches for specific subjects. Available for all mobile platforms. Available in Portuguese

The Best News Apps for Android and iPhone

World News Application: SmartNews

SmartNews brings trend stories and sorts them based on the subject. The look is clean, easy to navigate, and great for discovering new content you really want to read. SmartNews partners include NBC News, Medium, USA Today, TIME, Bleacher Report, Quartz, VICE, Reuters, AP, Perez Hilton, and more. Available for all mobile platforms in Portuguese.

News application in Portuguese: Google News

Google News offers a wide range of news from various sources. Along with the headlines and local weather, users can browse through various options, including an area for news stories catering to their searches and favorite subjects. Users can also highlight an individual topic, such as technology, to receive up-to-date news. Available for all mobile platforms in Portuguese.

World News App: Feedly

Feedly is a news aggregator with great usability, being easy to save, read, and save your favorite articles. You can select multiple posts from the Feedly search, sort them into topics, and save articles to see later with bookmarks. Available for all mobile platforms in Portuguese.

News Aggregator: Flipboard

Flipboard has created a new kind of mobile reading experience, focused on engaging the reader with the most exciting stories of the day and a magazine aesthetic completely adapted to the world of computers. Hundreds of publications are available on the news reader and Flipboard, with the best news on a wide range of topics. You can configure the application to also show updates to your social networks, helping to centralize news. Available for all mobile platforms in Portuguese.

News App: Yahoo News

Through Yahoo’s news app, you have easy access to 10 of the top news from your region, leveraging artificial intelligence technology to present the information in an organized, easy-to-read package. The news changes every few hours, giving you important updates throughout the day. Available for all mobile platforms in Portuguese.

News forum: Reddit

Reddit is a site that functions as a forum, and where several of the memes that you see on the internet come out. In addition, Reddit also does unique interviews with various actors and personalities, where anyone can ask famous questions. You can choose which group to join(subreddits) and receive the updates. Unfortunately, it does not have an official application, but you can use the clients available for mobile platforms, such as Alien Blue, Reddit Relay, or Reddit Now.

One of the best news apps: Inside

What sets Inside apart from its competitors is that it uses humans to find the best news on the internet with updates of 270 words that give all the important information. Users are able to quickly view the best news and topics, alongside a panel that changes articles and trends. Basically, they are really the best news around the internet. Available for all mobile platforms in English.

App for Professional News: LinkedIn

If you want to keep up to date with professional news, and market updates, LinkedIn is your source of information. Users can select articles from publishers or people, and use their LinkedIn account to keep up with the news. The LinkedIn news app has articles and videos made by the team, and the material is of very good quality. Available for all mobile platforms in Portuguese.

Favorite news app: Pocket

The news has an interesting call, but you do not have enough time to delve into the story? Pocket is the perfect application for you. The popular application allows you to store the news for later reading, and offers a simple user interface that allows you to find the articles you have saved, favor, and archive the others you want back. You can even check the news that your friends save from the connection to your social networks. Available for all mobile platforms in Portuguese.

World News Application: BBC News

The BBC is another worldwide news organization dedicated to keeping you up to date on the latest topics and news. The BBC News app also offers access to more fun news, along with a live streaming news channel, directly to your device. Available for all mobile platforms in Portuguese. For those who are learning English, the BBC news app in English is excellent as an educational one.

What is the best news app in your opinion? Which news apps do you most use? Do you have any suggestion of an application that we stopped putting on this list?

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