The Best 7-Inch Tablet

What’s the best small tablet in the marketplace? See our compared

A recent survey, published in the look, shows that the tablets are in the first place when the subject is Christmas present. And there have never been so many models and so many options in this segment. Also recently, Apple, who invented the category, has surrendered to competition and also launched a more compact model of IPad. Until then, there was only the 9.7 inch iPad. Now, the Mini is already in the North American market, with its 7.8 inches. The model is not yet for sale in Brazil, but there are a good chance of getting here before Christmas.

With this scenario in view, we decided to put forward the main appliances with sizes between 7 and 8 inches. And the dispute was the fiercest. We compared the IPad Mini with Samsung Galaxy Tab 2, the Blackberry Playbook, the RIM and the Ypy (reads ÍPI), from Computerannals. Let’s go to the tests!

Screen and Touchscreen

That’s the point that first draws attention. After all, when the subject is tablet, image quality and touch sensitivity are essential. At the launch, many pointed the IPad mini screen as its weak spot. What we perceive is that, terms of image quality, it is virtually identical to the IPad 2. Inferior, it is clear to the latest, third-generation IPad, but still a very good quality. So much that, in this comparison, it was she who did better, with more vibrant colors, more definite contrasts and greater precision. Then came the Galaxy screen, a little ahead of the Playbook. Both offer pretty good results in playback of videos and photos and also at games. The Ypy screen was a little behind, with a minor performance.

When the subject was sensitivity and response to the touch, the order remained the same. IPad Mini presented the most sensitive screen with more precise responses. Shortly thereafter, in a technical draw, Galaxy and Playbook appear, followed by the Ypy.


Several elements that are part of this aspect are subjective. You will always have people like more rounded shapes, while others prefer straighter corners. But there are elements that are more objective. And those are the ones we analyzed. Among them, the main ones: weight and thickness. Here, again, the IPad Mini went well. Despite having the biggest screen among the analyzed, it is the lighter. It weighs only about 309 grams. Then comes the Galaxy Tab, with approximately 340 grams. Then came the Ypy, with 398 grams. The heaviest of them is the Playbook, with approximately 425 grams.

In the subject thickness, new point for the IPad, the finest of all, followed by the Galaxy, by the Ypy and the Playbook.

Processor, performance, and operating system

Here, the game has molded. Galaxy, Playbook, Ypy and IPad bring similar processors. All bets on chips with two cores, which rotate to 1 gigahertz speed. It draws attention that everyone brings 1 gig of RAM. Everyone except the IPad, which has only 512 mega. But…. Despite an apparent drawback to Apple’s product in this aspect, at the time of effective use, the story has changed. The performance of the IPad Mini was superior to others. In our tests, the apps opened faster, the online videos gave play more easily, and the games also rotated more easily. It is wort