The Belly-Off Styling: 10 Fashion Tricks for a Sleek Mid

The other day I was shopping with a special mission: I needed urgently new tops for the summer. Since I was following my own rules about Wardrobe inventory so thoroughly, a small emergency has occurred in my base coat. But my good mood was marred. Since trying it on, I realized that my little belly over the winter has risen significantly. So what to do? I needed a quick belly-off strategy. At least until the pounds again something… decimated.
Since I am certainly not the only woman in the world, which itself is grappling with additional curves in the abdominal region, I put together 10 belly gone styling tips here:

My belly-away strategy is laminating, confuse and distract

To hide a little tummy, there are several ways in fact:

  • You can style the abdominal region as unobtrusively as possible, so that the eye there is nothing interesting and glides easily over it.
  • You can so confuse the eye and optical trick that it can no longer fix the flab.
  • Or use such fascinating Spotlight elsewhere, that the eye cannot, but to follow this attractive trails. This lead the look upwards to cleavage, down to the legs, or outward to the silhouette – main thing away from the Center.

You can combine several of these strategies also. The following 10 belly away fashion-tricks from pharmacylib to help you:

10 fashion tricks that let your tummy slimmer

  1. Wear dark, matte fabrics!
    The probably most frequently mentioned recommendation for pads on the belly is to wear there only dark, matte fabrics. But that doesn’t mean that you need only black tops. Mean is rather that you preferred above, below or outside should wear the strongest colors or shiny fabrics in your entire outfit and just not calculated on the belly. Actually logical, isn’t it?
  2. Wrap yourself in soft flowing fabrics!
    Wear only substances which are soft, slightly heavier and fluent in the abdominal region. They glide gently over your vaults, to go down there without. To thin or tight-fitting fabrics are mercilessly each flab. Avoid too stiff or extremely thick fabrics, since they apply even more. If you want to ever attract a lighter fabric, you should plan one more layer of fabric in your outfit, which keeps everything nicely together and form. Keyword: Formed underwear!
  3. Do not accents in the abdominal area.

Smart: At this tunic, views of the ornaments in the chest area is directed whilst attached sent ripples provide more fabric width on the belly.

Waive striking patterns, ornaments and accessories that are attached only in the abdominal area. Keep plain and simple this region. Only exception: access to the tactics of optical confusion, as in paragraphs 4 and 5. Also on the belt at the waist, you should as far as possible without or slightly higher, in the chest area or something deeper, placed at the hip. Keep tone-on tone fabric including belt. You do not need wide belts at all!

  1. Confuse with eye-catching patterns!
    Wear dresses, long blouses, tops or swimsuits so flashy, colorful patterns, that the eye can no longer secure a point. Important here: The patterns should promote a view of history from top to bottom through the entire body. If the eye constantly wanders, it can take the belly fat not more so closely… You do not necessarily have on the hip Strip designs, floral patterns or Leo-Prints even with tummy. Think also of colour-blocking effects, which can affect the view of history in the same way.
  2. Bring motion into the fabric!
    Place draping, ruffles and flounces thus, that settles the fabric across the stomach into loose waves. Now the eye knows not more that wave to a flab and which belongs to the draped fabric and gives up. It’s good for you!
  3. Do not plug your top in the League!
    It is advantageous if you insert the upper part no longer in pants or skirt, but wear loosely over the Bund. Thus, extend and reduce your upper body as a whole and prevent that the eye is fixed in the middle of the pocket or waistband. Figure types and women with X figure it should watch, that the top ends not on the widest part of the hips. Tunics and long shirts with round edge, which can be combined with slim-cut pants or skirts and high boots are ideal.
  4. Keep as flat rock and waistband!
    Ever be sure, that the Confederation of trousers and skirts applying as little as possible. Avoid a rigid, radical or to broad federal, especially if he is closed with a button in front and has belt loops. Instead to parts cut on access, flat federal and lateral or rear closure. Identified at the federal or laid in folds of clothing and bags in this area are not for you. And most important: be sure to observe a sufficiently high cut waist which pretty sure packed your pads. Too deep and low-cut skirts and pants, over which the lifebelts slide out are absolutely taboo!
  5. Placing accents on cleavage and legs!

A dark top, which is worn loosely over the Federal and a slightly waisted Blazer in a strong color can be a little tummy quickly disappear.

Lure of the viewer’s gaze with large, eye-catching necklaces, earrings, scarves, eccentric, wide collar forms and other details upwards, your cleavage or the face. Also scarves, which ends all long hanging down, distract from your Center. Alternatively you can contact strong viewpoints also on your legs, for example, strikingly decorated shoes, stockings, skirt hems and trouser legs. If you rather want to look up or down, your individual character type determines. As O-figure type , you know already how to do it best…

  1. Create a waisted silhouette of outer!
    Use tailored Blazers, jackets, vests and jackets as the outermost layer, to shape your silhouette slender and feminine. The more prominently they are designed and the plain below, the more Blazers and co. define Their look. The strong Center among them — especially when you consider point 1 and 6 – visually completely resigns.
  2. Take advantage of the A – and Empire line!
    Put on the beneficial silhouette of A – and Empire line or straight-cut dresses. Finally, it comes to counter a long, strong, vertical line to your dominant Center. This allows the eye up and down hiking without lingering on the belly. Empire – or A line: make sure that the cuts are very close to the body in the lower chest area and only there, where your tummy starts easily (!) issued, loosely falling down. If a dress is cut straight, such as a shirt dress, you can bring it with a narrow belt in the form which sits either above or below your Bäuchleins in a smaller place. By the way: Empire – and slight A-line is part also tops your first choice!

I think with these 10 tips you are well prepared to start your personal belly-off program. I decided with my last purchase for the tips of 2, 5 and 6. So are two side ruched tops with wrap neckline in a soft rayon Jersey and two long tailored linen blouses with slight A-line and Empire seam in my shopping bags landed. No part of it is black. Enrich my base wardrobe now summer white, cheerful magenta and flashy Red and be gently caress my Buddha Belly. With this symbol of serenity, my little fashion dilemma is quickly forgotten…

Are you also a stomach man? How will you package your small wellness tummy in the summer?

You might have a friend who is interested in the tips of the fashion Whisperer? Then I appreciate your recommendation!