The Beautiful Ties Clips

I have seen many different hairstyles and cokes in the celebrities, especially the last two red carpets we had–the VMA 2014 and the Emmy Awards 2014. Both January Jones as Claire Danes chose red dresses to the awards, of course each with their proportions and to compose the look have Coke low as the hairstyle of the time.

The divas were able to take a twist on the classic chignon with nothing but basic hairstyles that serve as inspiration for the next party in the best do-it-yourself style or even to take a picture at the salon and ask the same!

Claire Danes picked out a dress with many details in precious stones on the collar, so I need a low bun made from a fish-spine braid. Finally, she was arrested with clips in zigzag, which created a natural effect and Cavalier. It was beautiful! Here at Allpubliclibraries you can get more different models and styles.

The hairstylist responsible for January Jones hairstyle was Renato Campora, who suggested a Coke with twist locks. To achieve this purpose it was necessary to apply a hair Styler gel to make the brush, then split the hair into two large mechas and applied more gel to get the twist .

Then it was necessary to join the two sides and hide the tips putting into the hair with clips. It is worth noting that the top of the head has nothing of gel, hair is loose and casual as well as your bangs–that was a touch more modern hairstyle.

Which type of Coke you loved?

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