The Art Of Selfies: British Uni Offers Course

“The art of self portrait”: is the seminar, said the students now can consume at City lit College in the London district of Covent Garden. It should not only photographic subtleties go, but also to be content that conveys with Selfies.

Identity, individuality and memory are areas that the course for Selfies should provide its participants, reports CNET. According to the course description, the “critical understanding of the photographic self-portraits” should be improved within one month.

Better Selfies For 170 Euro

Another aim of the course was to offer the participants a platform to develop ideas that lead to a coherent work of art. The course not only new self-portraits made, but also already made self-portraits is critically assessed. Both lectures and discussions in the group are the basis of the course.

Interested participants should have a basic understanding for things like ISO, shutter speeds and aperture settings and also have a camera that allows these settings – most of common Smartphones should be ever so inappropriate. The one-month course begins in March 2015 and costs 132 pounds, what are approximately 170 euro.

The Art Of Selfies British Uni Offers Course