That Bra Use with Thin Strap Blouses?

Girls, I just got a question here for the blog asking for help for the following situation: what is the best bra for satin blouses, fine fabrics and also with spaghetti straps?

Most will think in a strapless bra at the time, but we all know that not all brands, models of BRA strapless serves uptight to the point of giving support to the breasts, right?

So, which one to use in this case? The umbra is also an option for some, but I don’t give good support.Remember how we talked about him here?

Well, first of all, let’s say everything will of a matter of taste, okay? Why? Why have women that don’t come out on the street showing bra straps for anything in the world. There are other who don’t mind, on the contrary, use something to get attention even. Will of the person. I always give me tips based on what’s in fashion in lingerie area and along with my taste, what each has your.

Another possibility is to use the famous and Jokers silicone shoulder straps. But try to use the more thin, thinner than exist and that you find. Only has its pros and cons: the problem is that your look is casual, depending on where you are, is … meioooo. “breguinha” use silicone strap, massssssss, there are times when you don’t have a choice!

But what’s hot?? It is fashionable to show even the BRA, so much so that the character Deborah Brazil Avenue novel pump until today (here). And it’s that thick handle, all income and such. Is an option.

But if the shirt is satin, you going in a more “chic” a little. Which to use? In my opinion, if you don’t get a strapless bra of whole bulge, preferably, that hold the breasts and didn’t score… (here)

Goes from basic normal bra with black handles. But the BRA with spaghetti straps, thinner than you find in life!haha…. Be neutral and beautiful.

Have those women who like a detail can be too, why not? Then buy a handle of rhinestones with brilliant details… etc. I wouldn’t use in certain places, is going to draw more attention to their handles, and I also am allergic, mega these handles me mark. But women who like and the purpose and draw attention to the handles, breasts, Colo.. etc. So go for it! (handle of rhinestones here)

Also have the possibility to get a kind of top pretty with lace, for example and use underneath, showing, but also goes to you. I think I may be a little “sport”, even.

Well, it’s hard to then say a rule for this situation, but in doubt everything, go with a thin shoulder strap black even. Don’t miss!!!!!

I was able to help? lol…

Girls, no doubt, write me! I will try to answer with post for best viewing of the examples.