Test Of the Case Waterproof for Iphone and Smartphone

Sunny days are approaching and with them desires Beach, bathroom and why not aquatic photosand other videos made with your iPhone.But unfortunately, neither water nor sand are recommended. Then there’s the waterproof cases!

We started a series of tests year last in these articles and have discovered these models: theBeachBuoy of Proporta, the hull RainBallet, theInnoPocket case and the LifeProof hull… It is the latter in its 2nd version (the first was disappointed) that remains today our Darling!

Will we get a model able to dethrone her? That’s what we’ll see in pursuing our inventory.Today, it is a generic watertight case that we will test, from the Nordic specialist of the case, namely Krusell.

This case has the particularity to be available in two sizes and so compatible with very many smartphones, iPhone 4 and 4S understood.

Then we took the Jersey, the mask, our courage and plunged our iPhone in the water…

For a review of this original case:

First contact and set up

Right out of the box, we immediately notice the compact aspect of this case, it appears particularly fine, this is rather rare for cases tight:

Side design, the Norwegian design spoke and the set is simple but effective design: two transparent parts face each other and protect the face front and rear of the smartphone.Two edges of plastic come to enclose them in order to show solidarity and sealing the whole. Strap for neck is also available and can be hung on one of the corners.
The implementation is done by removing the two borders successively, this isn’t especially easy because Assembly is tight, condition the water resistance. Remove one by one and two sides open.

The first, planned for the rear, obviously, is transparent on one half, and translucent on the other half. This side just the location for the picture transparency cell, the rest being more grainy.

Therefore, simply ask the iPhone between two sides then put two borders, one from above and one from the bottom.

Sealing first was tested with a paper instead of the smartphone, the case immersed more than a meter (although it is recommended that up to 1 meter deep) without that no drop of water gets inside. Perfect, we could then move on to the test in real conditions, with the iPhone.


The iPhone once inside is perfectly bound and corresponds rather well in terms of size.Immersion in one meter deep has repeatedly asked no water inlet problem. The sealing is respected, Phew!

For what is of use, it is here that things are tough. Indeed, who says watertight case and iPhone, said photos and videos underwater, but the touch screen does not work under water. The kick, problem, cow take pictures then saw that there is no access to the volume button that could help out … Contacted in this regard, the brand advocates start video recording outside the water, to film and then to extract pictures from video…Certainly… say that it is possible but not really ideal.

Nevertheless, that’s what we did to show you the quality of the video, which is actually very good under water:

But everyone wants not necessarily to go underwater to take pictures with the iPhone, and a watertight case can also be handy on a boat or in difficult conditions of moisture protection. For these cases, it appears, unfortunately, that it is not the ideal solution.Between the Matt screen that alters the visual comfort and lack of access to the buttons of the volume or reloading taking. This him so at times on the beach and swimming but not confined to real use to surf the Internet at the pool.

Note on photos: bubbles that appear are under the surface and are related to the aspect a little sticky to the silicone of the hull as the glass of the iPhone screen. It is not the water entered inside, rest assured.


This case waterproof although attractive in appearance, his grip and finesse, capable of taking water quality videos leaves in the end… on his hunger. So, we would have liked to be able to use in more situations that one is frustrated.

He will not be able to compete with the LifeProof hull, which remains much more expensive.

The case Krusell SEaLABox is available here for example at a price of 28 euros approximately.