Test duel: Nokia E51 against RIM BlackBerry 8120 Pearl 2


Despite extensive equipment is easy to use the E51 Nokia. Key features include fast enabled. About at the push of one of the extra buttons below the display. Something more complicated, the operation of RIM BlackBerrys is 8120 Pearl 2. The reasons for this: Dealing with the rotary control button under the screen requires practice. And: a noticeable resistance when navigating through the menus is missing. Also, the keyboard requires getting used to. Who wants fast typing texts, must practice first for quite a while, until the also works. Left next to the control button, the menu button is located. Press it and the main menu will open. There, the user must first of all in the fullness of the displayed programs Orient.

Parade Discipline: Email
The BlackBerry land new emails on request even automatically and without delay in the Inbox entirely how it by the E-Mail program on your computer used is. Prerequisite: The user has posted a BlackBerry E-mail service at his mobile phone network operators (from five euros per month).

The Nokia can also automatically retrieve emails, they will be delivered but not immediately, but delayed. Both devices can send and receive Word, Excel and PowerPoint files, photos, videos and PDFs as email. The E51 thanks to the UMTS data Turbo HSDPA transmits emails (measured data rate: 3.18 Mbps) much faster than the BlackBerry (236 kbps). This is noticeable especially when large file attachments.

Nokia E51 against RIM BlackBerry 8120 Pearl 2

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who wants to Exchange data such as address book contacts or appointments with a PC, can both devices via a supplied cable or Bluetooth to connect to the PC. The E51 is also on infrared radio. Wi-Fi can both models in private or public wireless networks (hotspot) in the Internet to dial. However this is much more fun with the Nokia: it is much easier to read than the BlackBerry website and offers a more convenient control.

The test victory clearly goes to the Nokia E51. It convinces E-Mail & Internet and calendar data exchange in the test points. Also, it is easier to operate. ««The BlackBerry boasts receive E-Mail without delay.

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