Test Duel: Nokia 6500 Classic Against Sony Ericsson T650i


Both competitors bring almost everything discerning clients from a current cell phone can expect: UMTS, camera, and MP3 player. The T650i has also an FM radio as well as a slot for a memory card on board. Although no memory card slot offers the Nokia model, but the memory is classic, after all, about a gigabyte large in the 6500. UMTS have both devices, but the Nokia transfers data slower than the Sony Ericsson. Also no video calling.

Important functions with the Nokia can be faster than edit with the T650i. Select about a contact in the phonebook or SMS save a phone number from one. Also, the menu of Nokia are clear. Both phones have large buttons with well noticeable pressure point.

Nokia 6500 Classic against Sony Ericsson T650i

9 pictures to the image gallery endurance and reception
the battery of Sony Ericsson T650i long held out. The unit remained operational up to 207 hours so more than eight days. The pure talk time should be enough even stubborn Plaudertaschen of up to six hours. In the COMPUTER screen test course (simulated is a regular use of mobile phoning, photographing and SMS-tap) that proved 6500 Classic stamina: the battery had to be recharged after 21 hours. Alternatively, a battery charge for a whopping nine hours continuous music listening is enough.

Both phones showed weaknesses in poor coverage in the laboratory. Possible consequence: short conversation breaks or even crashes in rural areas. Both devices showed in the UMTS network a little better transmission and reception quality.

Photo, video and music
The three-megapixel camera of the T650i delivered quite usable photos, which are suitable for printing at a size of maximum 14 x 10 cm. The recording of the Nokia camera (two megapixel) had, however, strongly noisy colors and were also down slightly blurred at the edges. Weak: too long shutter lag 1.2 seconds for the T650i. Snapshots are so impossible. With the Nokia, pictures were taken at least in half the time.

Good: In contrast to the MP3 player in the Sony Ericsson phone, the Nokia 6500 reflects classic also copy-protected (DRM) music that bought the user about the music provider Musicload. For the T650i offers better sound: In the test’s performed the songs more dynamic, powerful and balanced out.

Both competitors were almost the same In the duel. The better music and photo quality of the T650i but then gave the rash for the wafer-thin test victory. ««««The Sony-Ericsson mobile phone is also more robust: display and housing are particularly scratch-resistant.

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