Test: Bruce Field Shirt

Bruce Field is a French clothing brand offering a very wide collection: shirts, polo shirts, pullovers, vests, trousers, jeans And many accessories (belts, ties, socks …). The brand offers elegant clothes in a very correct price range. 
You will understand, the Men’s collection is rich, and there is also a Women’s collection.
Bruce Field is aimed at men who need to wear classic, well-cut shirts on a daily basis. However, you will also find more casual items. We will return very soon on a complete presentation of the mark in our guide. In the meantime,

The test

My devotee threw himself on a shirt that every man should have in his dressing room: the sky blue shirt . A little less classic than the white shirt, it will go very well with a gray suit and a black tie (navy blue or even dark gray) to keep contrast in your outfit.
For this test, I was able to try a model very curved in pure cotton double twisted finely piqué sky blue (yes I enjoy a little rest by the pool):

To appreciate the shirt as a whole, I associated it with gray suit pants and a black tie. I dropped the jacket (not the shirt!).
To repeat the old adage, the first impression is often the right one: from the touch of the shirt, one feels that the fabric is thick and that the shirt is held.

The cup

As mentioned earlier, I chose a very slim model because I often find it hard to find shirts that really are! I imagine you often look at the windows and find the fitting clothes, but once on you they turn into a parachute! There is no curse in this, 80% of the big brands put discreetly some pins … The Photoshop of the big distribution!

As you can see here, I had the impression that the shirt had been thought of for me.
It falls perfectly on the hips but I keep enough ease in the upper body (obviously, it is not advisable to go to hit balls in shirt or try to be as free as in a t -shirt). To obtain this bend, there are two clamps and a fold of ease in the back.

The wrists

Of course, it is also necessary to observe the details of the garment to appreciate the shirt: The cuffs are simple with straight sides and the buttons are very elegant, thick and well sewn. The finishes are very neat, nothing more.

The neck

As you have often been told, a shirt must have a rigid collar that stands, especially in a formal frame.
The neck of this model is rigid, well helped by removable whales.